8 Instagram Accounts People Who Love Philippine Travels Should Follow

Traveler, mountaineer, beach lover, whatever you claim yourself to be, surely you can’t deny that the Philippines makes for a great destination for discoveries, adventures, and explorations. From its pristine beaches to picturesque mountains, rich marine life and biodiversity, and to the hospitable people, this country of 7,107 islands has endless to offer. Especially to people who crave to see Mother Nature at its most beautiful form.

Scroll through the galleries of these 9 Instagrammers who capture Philippines’ beauty and fall in love with the Pearl of the Orient all over again as they bring the beauty of the archipelago right at your fingertips.


8. @Sinopinas

4(c) www.instagram.com/sinopinas and contributors: Regie De vela, Mikie Bausin, MJ Perillo

Sinopinas is a community of Filipinos on quest of discovering the Philippines, its beauty, culture, and people–one place at a time. Sinopinas aims to be a source of inspiration to those who seek adventures and to encourage people to travel with a purpose through their Instagram. Their social media presence has become widely known, giving them the opportunity to work with brands driven by the same advocacy: to boost local tourism. 


7. @thepinaysolobackpacker

2(c) www.instagram.com/thepinaysolobackpacker

Dubbed as The Pinay Solo Backpacker, Gael simply loves taking photos and documenting her travels through Instagram. What she loves about Instagram is it allows her to give back to the community by spreading inspiration and positive vibes through her shots. This medium connects her to her readers where all of them celebrate creativity as well. 


6. @Nellal

nellal1(c) www.instagram.com/nellal

A gallery of landscapes, of strangers met while traveling, or of shared moments on a weekend outside the city, Nella has frozen time and captured breathtaking sceneries through her photographs, all documented through her Instagram and blog. Inspired by the awe-inspiring world itself, she hopes to share through her photos and videos how she sees this world through the perspective of her lens. And with their narrative-like captions, she aims for her followers and readers to be inspired by and be connected to with these priceless moments she experiences while traveling.


5. @kimijuan

1(c) www.instagram.com/kimijuan

This girl is a homebody! This is evident through her Instagram which is filled with beach stills that will definitely put you in a dreamlike state. Kimi shared that Philippines is the most beautiful place she’s ever seen, even adding that many people had asked before if she’s based in Bali or Maldives–since her photos give that preconceived impression about these islands–but she never gets tired of proudly saying that she’s from the Philippines!


4 @thelakwatsero

thelakwatsero1-horz (c) www.instagram.com/thelakwatsero

Since its beach season, you’ve probably been doing a lot of research of places-to-visit, and I bet you somehow stumbled upon Angel’s blog. I mean, who hasn’t? His blog has garnered a bunch of recognition and awards all over the world wide web. Going out is natural to Angel as he shared with me that his mom would always call him “lakwatsero” in his younger years. Indeed, old habits die hard. By the looks of his Instagram account, this full time office worker and part-time traveler seemingly won’t stop any time soon at giving us a daily dose of his whereabouts. 


3. @Mvltiple

mvltiple1(c) www.instagram.com/mvltiple

A feed that is a mix of creative portraits and photographs of his own adventures, John’s Instagram exudes the “feed goals” vibes. John shared that it had been quite difficult to figure out if he had established a concrete purpose after curating his account, but he felt it all came down to one purpose: sharing. To share what he sees and feels through his photographs.

From scenic shots of our own beautiful islands, intimate images of the daily life, and aesthetically-appealing hangouts all around the metro, John’s photographs will both make you appreciate being in the city and the need to escape it for some rural bliss.


2. @javycang

javier(c) www.instagram.com/javycang

If Instagram could talk, Javi’s would probably call out every aspiring hikers’ attention and scream John Muir’s famous quote, “The mountains are calling, and I must go!” Whether he is standing or jumping on a mountaintop, Javi reflects about his endeavors in mountain climbing and captures the breathtaking view of Philippine peaks through his Instagram. His photos make you want to embark on your own hiking adventure; forget the city life for a while, be on a completely different vantage point and appreciate the earth’s stillness from being above its surface.

His advice—to always have a regular dose of the outdoors as he believes it’s good for the soul, to always have that sense of curiosity, and lastly, to always leave the mountains cleaner than they were before.


1. @wtn_wheretonext

wtn(c) www.instagram.com/wtn_wheretonext

The creators of WhereToNext planner, Ayen and Rachel, initially wanted to have a planner that reflects their thirst for travel. They started this as a passion project back in November 2014. Whilst at first they only thought it’d be a cool Christmas gift, this planner attracted many travel-enthusiasts. Since then, they made it a goal to create products for the explorer at heart and envisioned WTN as a community for people who travel with passion and purpose.

This vision has come to life as their gallery now showcases of photos of them traveling and having adventures with people they only met through Instagram! They’ve also had passion workshops and partnered with local hostels for talks and meet-ups. They still have many more of those to come, so keep an eye out by giving them a follow.


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