8 Flawlessly Fabulous Gift Ideas this Holiday Season

With the changing times, many Filipinos are caring for their heath, eating right and taking care of themselves inside out. These days, many are choosing sustainable and long-lasting over trendy material goods that are easily forgotten when the new fad kicks in. While Christmas is just around the corner, what a better way to get an early start on those resolutions than to give the gift of wellness to your loved ones. So in the spirit of the holidays, here a few ideas of what you can opt to give during the season of giving.


8. Take your mom on a beauty spa date

After all that your mom has been through being the light of the household, it’s time you offered her a break from all her hard work. Take her to the nearest Flawless branch and book four sessions, then get 2 of any of the following for free: Flawless White Injectable, Flawless White with Vit. C, Flawless White with Youth Booster, Flawless White with Youth Booster and Vit. C.
Tap your inner Santa Claus and and give her Flawless’s anti-aging treatments and let her bring home an age defy kit to help aim for a younger-looking skin always. Mom will love hearing compliments like “you look like sisters!”


7. Give your sister the gift of youthful glowing skin

Flawless offers the ultimate wellness package in the form of its Beauty Drip, an IV mixture filled with antioxidants and immunity boosters to promote the body’s natural healing and providing more youthful skin. Book 2 sessions of the Beauty Drip and get a free Nutraceuticals Nano whiteness.

Also, this is especially favorable to brides-to-be as they want to be glowing on their special day.


6. Force your dad to get rid of those warts

Who says beauty clinics are for women only?

As the body gets older, the more susceptible it is to epidermal diseases, including warts which are more dominant in men. If your dad isn’t careful with hygiene, he can easily fall prey to warts. Treat him to an Electrcautery section for wart removal and get a free Cautery Cream from Flawless’s FAB@15 promo.


5. Get your favorite tita a quick beauty fix

Treat them with kindness. Give that same tita who blatantly tells you “Tumataba ka na” at gatherings the gift of internal beauty with a Flawless Skincare Kit, and have her avail a free Rejuvelite Insta Facial at select branches of Flawless. The next time you see each other, she’ll drop that “tumataba ka na” comment and move on to “when will we have a beauty date again?”


4. Treat your kabarkada to a make-over session

Bond with your ate and friends at a nail spa or salon where you can try a new hair color or get foot massages. Complement your rejuvenated look with a refreshed face and try one of Flawless’s classic or regular facials where you get 2 for the price of one for their 15th year anniversary.


3. Help your kuya get over his acne problem

This Christmas, help him make the girl of his dreams say, “YES!” Bring your brother to Flawless for an Acne Control Advanced Facial which uses and oxygenating mask to target acne-causing bacteria. Not enough? Follow it up with Flawless’s Real Gentleman (RG) Kit which is especially formulated to address most men’s skin concerns. It will definitely help him achieve a better-looking skin and he’ll forever love you for this.


2. Give your significant other a crash course to body wellness

Treat yourselves right and go all-out and get a relaxing body scrub to reinvigorate the skin, thus improving overall appearance and tone. Then try a body peel using various fruit acids to reveal smoother and fairer skin. Flawless offers 50% off on their Body Scrub and Php 2,000 off on their Signature Body Peel for the whole of December. Aaaah..just reading this makes me feel so good.


1. Take your best friend on a beauty trip

Try some Flawless’s affordable skin treatments including the Classic Facial wherein you get an upgrade to a Regular Facial for free! Once your faces have that youthful glow, how about booking a Waxing session and get a FREE Flawless Soap of your choice as a bonus. Or why not make it a painless and book their Laser Hair Removal to remove unwanted hair and get your bodies bikini-ready to hit the beach.


Having turned 15 this December 8 dubbed as “National Flawless Day,” Flawless, the country’s preferred aesthetic clinic is celebrating with a fabulous blowout for its clients with FAB@15. Flawless owner and CEO Rubby Sy-Coyiuto and her team want to give back to its patrons. Therefore they have prepared a nationwide promo in all of its 45 clinics for the whole of December with 15 gorgeous offers to choose from, with the use of coupons, including service upgrades, free products, free services and buy-one-take-one facials.


More than that, clients will also have the chance to join Flawless’s raffle promo,  to be drawn on January 14, 2017. Each coupon acts as a raffle entry where the brand will be giving away covetous prizes including (for each FAB@15 coupon availed) a pink Yamaha Mio Scooter, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Rose Gold Phone, 7-inch Lenovo Tablet, and 15,000-peso shopping gift cards, just to name a few.

So hurry and bring your barkada, tito, tita, mom, dad and invite everyone else to go to the nearest Flawless branch to join and get lucky while you guys pamper yourselves. Start the new year right with a new fabulous you!

Check HERE for more details on the FAB@15 promo.

Find the nearest Flawless Branch HERE.


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