WheninManila’s 8 Essentials for Your Next Movie Marathon

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Now that we’re in quarantine, it’s easy for us to hold a movie marathon. After all, we don’t have to deal with traffic after work and there’s no temptation to go out during weekends. As long as you manage your time well with work and household duties, now is the right time to reward yourself with a marathon.

A movie marathon is not just popping in some movies. It can be an art form and if you want to make the most out of it, there are a few things you will need. Here are some of our recommendations:

A good playlist

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Of course, a movie marathon wouldn’t be complete without your movies, right? So you don’t waste time picking and arguing over what movie to watch, it’s best to pre-select them before the day. You can have a theme to make it more fun. Trilogies and sequels work great, but you can also have one featuring genres or actors. Netflix is always a great choice since the streaming platform is home to thousands of titles you can choose from. Pick one and check out similar ones under “More Like This,” or see the top 10 in the Philippines. Today’s leading titles are American Murder, Hubie Halloween, Upgrade, Johnny English, Enola Holmes, and The Binding.


Super Crunch Listicle

A movie marathon wouldn’t be complete without snacks. For movie time snacks, we enjoy eating chips. Our latest addiction is Super Crunch, a popular snack in Visayas and Mindanao that’s starting to make waves in Metro Manila. It’s known for its cruuuuuuunchy corn chips that’s super satisfying. We tried two flavors: the Cheesiest flavor that reminds us of the corn snack drizzled with cheese powder, and the subtle sweetness of the Tasty Sweet Corn. Both flavors have a corn aftertaste that reminds us of stone-ground chips. Super Crunch also has the Cheddar Cheese and Barbecue flavors, as well as Super Crunch Nachos in Cheese and Barbecue, and the Chipcharon in Pinoy Bawang, Suka’t Sili, and Lechon Kawali. It’s available in leading stores such as Puregold, Robinsons, Super8, Landmark, 7-Eleven, Rustans, Shopwise, Mercury Drug, Alfamart, Waltermart, Gaisano, and the majority of local supermarkets nationwide.

A comfy pair of pajamas + cute pair of socks

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Keep yourself comfortable by wearing a nice pair of pajamas. Wear your favorite or invest in one in cotton or silk to make your movie marathon more luxurious. Sure, not everyone is going to see your loungewear but it’s going to make you look forward to going to bed (and finally fix your sleep schedule). Wear socks to keep yourself warm!


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Okay, hear us out. A movie marathon is an excellent time to do your skincare routine. If you’re with friends, it’s a great opportunity to put on a mask. You can also share your favorite products and ask each other to try it out. If you’re solo, go moisturize while you’re watching your fave movie. Korean products are popular and for good reason: all the K-drama and K-pop stars have flawless skin.

Try Son & Park’s Beauty Water, a toner that purifies and conditions skin, or their Beauty Filter Cream Glow to brighten your face. Meanwhile, Thank You Farmer is made with natural farm-grown ingredients to improve your skin and slow down the aging process. The Light Emulsion is a moisturizer packed with nine herbal ingredients for a hydrating formula, while the Deep Serum hydrates dry and tired skin. Papa Recipe is a cult favorite among the skincare-obsessed in Southeast Asia. Their Bombee Honey Mask uses a unique gold complex and a special honey recipe for glossy skin. Their Honey Moist Propolis Ampoule uses honey extract to nourish and repair the skin’s vitality. Thailand is also a good source of beauty products. MizuMi offers the country’s number one selling sunscreen, but we also recommend their Eye & Lip Aqua Touch Remover and their Extra Mild Facial Cleanser.

A cozy blanket

Monsters Inc Boo Bed

If you can crank up the A/C to full blast to mimic a movie theater, pair it with a snug blanket. This is the perfect accessory if you’re with a special someone, but can be just as relaxing when you’re watching on your own. There are plenty of designs to choose from, so pick one that matches your room and your personality. Our top requirements for a good blanket are: thick, warm, and cozy!

A diffuser

Wizard of Oz

There’s a reason why titas are obsessed with essential oils: they smell great and have different effects on the mood. For a relaxing evening of watching movies (that is, if you’re just watching funny films or ones that don’t require much thinking), lavender is the way to go. Lavender essential oil is said to improve your mood and calm your body and mind. We recommend putting it in a diffuser to fill the entire home theater with the fragrant aroma.

The drink of your choice

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Pair Super Crunch with the drink of your choice! If you’re on the healthy side, add fruit juice or shake. Soda is a popular choice and won’t go wrong. If you’re all over the legal age, some beer or wine would be perfect!

Fun activities between movies

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If you’re with a group of people, it’s a good idea to take breaks between movies to rest your eyes and move around. Play a few rounds of games, cook some food, or just hang out and bond with friends.

Super Crunch

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Papa Recipe

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