8 Accurate Tweets About #ConcertEtiquette

Going to a concert is fun, but it can also be quite stressful, especially if you unluckily find yourself beside someone, or a group of someones, lacking some #ConcertEtiquette. But people have had enough, it seems, so the Twitterverse spoke up! Here are eight tweets that point out how we can make concerts a fun event for everyone.

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8. Support the front acts, too!

World-renowned artists did not become famous overnight. Some of them also served as opening acts before becoming headliners. Remember that your “idols” chose them, meaning they believe in these up and coming talents!

7. SING.

This is one of the most agitating parts of attending a concert…when an artist requests the crowd to sing and only a quarter of the audience actually does. Please make the artists feel loved and treasured so that they will keep coming back!

6. Remember, no judgments!

I tell you, not minding how others perceive you is one of the most essential keys to having fun! I’ve danced and sang my heart out (alone even) and will continue to dance and sing my heart out in future shows. ❤

5. Don’t be THAT person.

We all want to be in the front row, especially in a mosh pit, but rowdiness will never solve anything. Let’s keep it harmonious as much as possible. It is for our own, and everybody else’s, safety too!

4. Just keep things fun!

As the old saying goes, respect begets respect. How would you think the artists would react to vulgar acts and language? Manners, please.

3. Let others see the view, too!

I honestly don’t mind if you record the whole show as long as you are sensitive towards your surroundings. Make sure that you are not blocking anyone’s view. You all paid to be there, after all!

2. No hate, just love.

Here’s my personal say about the topic. It doesn’t matter whatever section you’re in—it’s about fulfilling your dream of seeing the artist and hearing them sing live. Stop resenting, enjoy, and savor every moment!


And most importantly… RESPECT ONE ANOTHER! Respect the artist, producer, staff and your fellow concert-goers! It’s really simple as that, don’t you think?

Any more #ConcertEtiquette to add? Comment down below!


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