7 Unique and Thoughtful Personalized Gift Ideas

Many people would probably agree that the best Valentine’s Day gift you could give to your loved one isn’t the most expensive or the prettiest one—sometimes it just has to be extra meaningful for both of you! That’s why it’s the trend nowadays to give personalized gifts that immortalize special moments you had together.

Looking for a thoughtful and meaningful gift you can have customized for your significant other? Here are a few romantic options you might want to consider:

7. Film Roll Keychain

filmroll canister

Photo from Shopee

This film roll keychain is a cute and unique way to keep those many photos you took together. This film canister contains small printed photos of your choice which you can pull out from the small container—just like the traditional film! With the keychain attached to one end, your significant other can carry your pictures around wherever they go. Get your personalized film roll keychain here!

6. Minimalist Glass Art Painting

glass painting

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Display your fondest memory together with this minimalist glass art painting. These handpainted glass crafts are sure to brighten up your space, especially with your photo of choice turned into a more minimalist version. There are varieties to this glass art painting, so you can choose which one would look best in your space. Get your minimalist glass painting here!

5. Customized Spotify Plaque

spotify plaque

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Proudly show off your theme song with this customizable Spotify plaque! This plaque is made out of transparent acrylic, so it’s a stylish addition to any space. Plus, the photo on display can be customized as well. You can have your own photo printed on it instead of the original cover art of the song. There’s also a Spotify code so that your song is easily accessible anytime. Buy your customized Spotify plaque here!

4. Secret Message Candle

message candle

Photo from Shopee

If you’ve seen your significant other constantly buy new scented candles, then a personalized scented candle may be a great gift option, too. These scented candles can be personalized through secret messages hidden inside the candle. These messages will be revealed once the right amount of wax has melted. It’s definitely a cool surprise! Get your secret message candle here!

3. Voice Recording Card

voice rec card

Photo from Shopee

There’s nothing like hearing your significant other say sweet nothings at any time of the day. That’s why this card which plays a voice recording is also a great option for a Valentine’s Day gift. This palm-sized card is designed to look like a cassette tape and you can use it to record a sweet message for your loved one. They can play your recording over and over again with just a press of a button. Buy this voice recording card here!

2. Customized Funko Pops

If your loved one is a massive collector of Funko Pops, then the perfect gift for them is definitely a customized Funko Pop. You can either get a customized Funko Pop of your significant other, or you can get a pair of mini Funko Pops featuring both of you. You can even get a Funko Pop of your fur baby, too! Get your customized Funko Pop from EMC Handiworks here.

1. Personalized Shoes

nyecety 3

Photo from @nyecety

Love giving flowers to your significant other? Mix it up this year by giving them a pair of personalized shoes with preserved flower petals in them! You can even make these shoes extra memorable by using specific flower petals from a bouquet you previously gave them. You can get personalized shoes with preserved flowers from @nyecety on Instagram here.

What personalized gift would you want to receive from a loved one? Share it with us!

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