7 Tips When Shopping During a “Sale”

7 Tips When Shopping During a “Sale”

The Holidays, specifically Christmas, are just around the corner. This is the reason why “shopping sales” are popping up here and there. Even gigantic shopping stores are already holding “X-Day Super Sales”, especially during payday weekends. Moreover, new stores are opening with different sale strategies like providing gift certificates or store credit to the first X number of customers.

With every “sale”, however, there are many problems that you could encounter, making shopping difficult instead of fun. So, before you head out to the next big sale, here are several hacks you should keep in mind to get the most out of your shopping spree.

7 Tips When Shopping During a “Sale”

7. Make a list, check it twice.

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To avoid the trap of buying the same items, make a list of the things you need to buy and make sure to check the list. If you are already shopping for Christmas gifts, make a list of the people you’ll be giving gifts to and write down options of what you can get them. It is best to have more than one option, so that you have backup plans in case you aren’t able to find the first gift option on the list.

6. Ask yourself, “Will you use it?”


“Sale” events are very tempting occasions where you buy things that you might not even use at all. To avoid wasting money on things that you will just place in a corner of your home and leave to oblivion, ask yourself if you’ll have any actual use for it first.

5. Go very early or super late.

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Big, big sale events tend to be the meeting point of many shoppers. When these events are held, especially those that are in huge shopping malls, shoppers from all over go there. This leads to large crowds in the malls, which results in long lines, especially at the checkout counter. It also causes difficulties in finding a parking spot inside the mall or even in areas surrounding it.

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If you want to avoid these problems, go very early (before the mall opens) or super late (before the mall closes). It is suggested that you choose the former as that gives you more time to walk around and find whatever it is that you want to buy. Going super late is a bit risky, especially if you will be shopping for many things as you will only have a limited time to do so.

4. Take advantage of discounts, but never overlook their value.

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During a sale, there will be many items that may be tagged with huge discounts, going from 25% to up to 75%. These may look great at first, but before buying any items, ask yourself if you would still be buying them if they were sold at full price. If you answer ‘yes’, they might be worth it. If not, you may need to contemplate some more before buying them.

3. Load up and bring your shopping arsenal.


When you head to a big sale, make sure that you have eaten enough to last the duration of your shopping spree. Make sure to hydrate, as well. Doing both of these things will help you avoid distractions and give you more time to shop. If it helps, bring friends along who can help you stay focused and decide intelligently. Moreover, music is your friend; so bring your own playlist if that helps you shop well during a sale.

2. Take your time.


When shopping during a sale, always take your time before heading to the cashier. Think hard if it is something that you really need or will have future use for, so that you won’t waste any money on the illusion of discounts and scarcity.

1. Look around and compare.


Before you make that purchase, shop around, visit different stores and compare prices. Most of the time, the first place that you see an item in isn’t the cheapest. If you want to make the most from the discounts, find the store that offers the best marked-down prices.

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7 Tips When Shopping During a “Sale”

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