7 Tips on How to Start a Work-from-Home Business

It’s no secret that a lot of people have struggled during this pandemic. If you are one of them and are looking for ways to make more money during this time, you might want to read this article. I’m sure you’ve been able to tell that a lot of people have turned cooking and baking into an online business. After all, everybody needs (and loves) food!

If you are interested in starting a home business of your own, whether related to food or not, here are some tips from homemaker Cherish Ong-Chua, Vice President, Finance and Marketing, at Hanabishi.

7 Tips on How to Start a Work-from-Home Business

7. Think about what you want to offer.

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Are you good at cooking or baking? Do you have a penchant for graphic design? Do you have transportation at your disposal that you can use to start a business? Focus on what you are good at and what is on hand, and then decide on what you want to offer.

6. Know your target market.

Before making your final decision, ask yourself if there is a market for that particular product or service. The reason why a lot of people have been turning to food is because there is a real market for it.

5. Make sure your product is worth the price.

Naturally, you want your customers to be satisfied with what you have to offer. Customer satisfaction is what will ensure that they keep coming back for your offerings. Ask yourself if you like your product and whether other people will like it, too. Ask your friends and relatives for feedback, as well. This way, you can gauge just how much interest there might be out there for what you have to offer.

4. Invest in the necessary equipment.

If you want to venture into vlogging, invest in good equipment to ensure that you provide good quality. If you want to pursue a food business from your kitchen, invest in good tools and equipment for that, too. Hanabishi, for example, has a range of product that can help with your cooking and baking needs.

3. Think about your customers’ convenience and safety.

During the current pandemic, customers will prioritize products and services that prioritize their convenience and their safety. The reason why there are so many businesses popping up online right now is because the Internet makes it much easier for people to buy what they want and need, and get them delivered safely to their homes.

“We have been running our e-commerce site for about two years now and with the new conditions dictated by the pandemic, we had to review its system and implement the necessary updates in its features to address the anticipated influx of online shoppers,” Cherish shares. “Our customers can now easily place an order with just a few clicks and taps on their computers and mobile devices. Likewise, we are now offering them the option to have their products delivered or picked up from our warehouse.”

2. Set up social media accounts.

Most Filipinos have a Facebook and Instagram account. According to a recent Nielsen Homepanel Tack-on survey, 49% of Filipinos who shop for groceries online prefer Facebook. So, if you want to be more visible and more presence in potential customers’ lives, you will need to set up the necessary social media accounts. That isn’t enough, though. You also need to make sure that you provide quality content, so that people will be enticed into buying what you have to offer.

1. Think ahead.

Obviously, things won’t always go according to plan. Expect challenges to come your way and be ready to keep up with your customers’ behavior. You might have a hard time at first; but if you work hard and think ahead, you are sure to succeed!

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