7 Tips to Look Like Your Favorite Anime Character—as Told by Actual Cosplayers!

3. There’s always a cheaper way.

wigsSome of the wigs were for sale at the Best of Anime exhibition area!

Because of its ambition and production value, cosplaying can quickly get very expensive. In order to look like your fave anime characters without breaking the bank, you need to find alternative materials that are cheaper but will still look amazing once they get assembled. If you need a sleek bob wig, for example, you can buy a cheap ratty wig and style it how you want it. Thrift stores and Divisoria are always available for your cosplay thrift shopping!

2. Prepare to perform.

The Best of Anime 3Monya of the Japanese fantasy group Starmarie

Aside from dressing up like their favorite characters, many cosplayers also like doing skits and performances! As if costuming isn’t hard enough, they also have to choreograph their dance, memorize their scripts, or practice their singing. Cosplay truly is an art form that deserves everyone’s respect. If you want to go into cosplay and take it to the next level with performance, I say you go for it!

1. Know and embody your character.

cosplay12Zero Two of DARLING in the FRANXX

Portraying a character is not only about looking the part; it’s also acting the part. Whether or not you’re performing in an event, simply being in cosplay means committing to the role of your character. If you’re cosplaying Kaguya Otsutsuki from Naruto, you better give off that all-powerful and mysterious vibe. Especially if you’re playing all-time favorite anime characters, people will want to take photos with you, so give them a good show!

We hope this short list can help give you that push or headstart you need to start trying out cosplay for yourself! Go and pursue the art and the magic of cosplay, and we hope to see you next year at The Best of Anime 2019!

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