7 Reasons to Visit Seven on 7th: New European Casual-Dining Restaurant in the Fort

Seven on 7th: New European Casual-Dining Restaurant in the Fort

When in Manila, we fell in love with the newest European casual-dining restaurant in Bonifacio Global City – Seven on 7th. The hip yet classy restaurant is located in the newly constructed Forum South Global in 7th Avenue.

Seven on 7th When in Manila


The place is not to be confused with 7th High Bar where people love to party, though. Seven on 7th is a new and unique restaurant concept and venture of four young entrepreneurs with different taste palates who love to eat across the country and around the globe.

We have listed 7 reasons why you should visit the place. Read on…


1. The Ambiance – Classy and Modern

At first glance, you might get intimidated by the place –  pristine white walls, couches, fancy chandeliers and crystals. Everything spells sophistication. You might think twice when coming in with your rocker shorts and flip flops, but the restaurant is a no-dress-code place. Come as you are!

Seven on 7th When in Manila

These chandeliers are Instagram-worthy!


Seven on 7th



With its comfortable couches and cushioned seats, you will feel at home as you settle down and enjoy the food. I love that the couches, although connected back-to-back, have high backrests, still giving diner a sense of privacy. This makes the place perfect for get-togethers, meetings and dinner dates. 

2. A New Hip Place by Four Young Entrepreneurs

The concept of Seven on 7th revolves around a European restaurant bistro that offers comfort food and creates a relaxing ambiance at he same time. 

Having traveled and tasted different versions of their favorite food from different restaurants (here and abroad), the four entrepreneurs were unsatisfied with the quality of the food that they were served with. Thus, Seven on 7th was born.

Seven on 7th When in Manila

The name Seven on 7th is inspired by the 7-course Wagyu Experience (still a masterpiece in progress, but the restaurant is now open and operational with its interesting menu). 

Randy Lao,  Ellis Chua, Flo Campomanes IV and Khristopher “Toff” Sy are not new kids in the business. They have handled bars and cafes in the past, thus assuring everyone that Seven on 7th provides not just quality food, but also quality service. 

The team even personally interviewed and trained the staff.  Now, that’s what I call personalized leadership.

3. Fresh Twist to Familiar Dishes

The Seven on 7th menu is composed of different favorite dishes of the 4 young owners of the restaurant, plus some good selections from executive chef, Chef Jay Rollan.  Familiar name? Yes, Chef Jay appeared in GMA-7’s The Sweet Life Valentines Special in 2009. He specializes in Hot and Cold Kitchen Preparations, Menu Conceptualization and Development, Catering Operations and Kitchen Staff Training.

Chef Rollan gives a unique twist to  familiar dishes and creates a personal set of original recipes for soup, pasta, meat, seafood and dessert.


When in Manila Seven on 7th

 Complimentary Rolls and Herbed Butter


Seven on 7th

Seven Bistro Salad (Php 450)


This is an awesome combination of romaine lettuce, herbed chicken, grilled onglet, sesame crusted tuna, mango chevre, capers, black olives, orange and lemon.


Seven on 7th

Toss it with Lemon Mandarin, Balsamic Peach or Mixed Herb dressing!  The salad is meant to whet the appetite, but it seems that this salad made me full with its all-meat combination – that good! 


When in Manila Seven on 7th

Wild Mushroom Soup (Php 300)

The wild mushroom soup is really wild! Imagine fresh button , shitake, cremini and enoki mushrooms in a flavorful soup!  It is thick even with the absence of cream. 


When in Manila Seven on 7th

The Seafood Bisque (Php 300)


For those who love seafood, this is a must-try! Squid, mussels, prawns with crab fat, prawn bisque, coconut milk, cilantro and green chilis.


Seven on 7th



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