7 Places You Should Visit in Bukidnon

Wondering where you should go next? Expand your travel goals to Mindanao and take a trip to Bukidnon. Immerse yourself in Filipino culture, breathtaking nature, fun activities, and solemn churches. Need help deciding where to go? We’ve got you covered.

7 Places You Should Visit in Bukidnon

7. Kampo Juan’s Heritage House


Kampo Juan was named after Dr. Juan Acosta, the pioneer in pineapple plant breeding. Since opening in April 2011, Kampo Juan is best known for its eco-adventure park and extreme activities such as anycycling, ziplines, and rappelling. In 2017, Dr. Neric Acosta bought an ancestral house from Pangasinan and brought it to Kampo Juan. The four-storey house is now home to the antique collection of Dr. Neric’s parents. They even have the original copy of Jose Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere!

6. Dahilayan Adventure Park & Forest Park


For the adventure seekers out there, Dahilayan Adventure Park & Forest Park is the place to be. Stay in their cozy rooms, enjoy the cold weather, and surround yourself with hectares of beautiful greens. This place is the perfect combination of relaxation and adventure. Here, you can experience Asia’s Longest Dual Zipline that is 4,700ft above sea level and goes up to 90kph.

5. Monastery of the Transfiguration


Home to the benedictine monks, the Monastery of Transfiguration was the last work of Philippine National Artist for Architecture, Leandro Locsin. If you’re a coffee lover, you need to try and (bring home!) their famous Monks Blend Coffee,which has a subtle taste of chocolates. They also have their own two-story museum, which houses the vestment collection of Fr. Dom Martin Gomez. The beautiful vestments displayed are made or piña and abaca fibers.

4. Montesclaros Ranch


A place for the whole family, Montesclaros is home to many beautiful horses with nine domesticated horses that you can ride around the farm. They also offer villas that you can stay in, as well as must-try desserts, including a modern twist to bukidnon’s famous binaki.

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3. Talaandig Tribe School of Living Tradition


Immerse yourself in the tribal culture of the Talaandigs. Experience how the Talaandig Tribe holds their rituals and what their way of living is like. Their ritual is about cleansing a person from all the sins of the modern world. After the ritual, enjoy the tribe’s beautiful dances and music.

Their goal is to keep the tradition of having a tribe alive – exactly how the early Filipinos lived. They believe that once a person strays from their tribe, they lose their ‘direct’ connection to God.

2. Seven Seas Water Park and Resort


Seven Seas Water Park and Resort is the first world-class themed waterpark in the Philippines. What’s great about this waterpark is its location; it is just a few minutes away from Cagayan de Oro and Laguindingan Airport. Seven Seas is an all-around waterpark that has one of the largest wave pools, 50 huts, cabanas, gazebos, souvenir shops, and adventurous rides!

1. Kaamulan Festival

The Kaamulan Festival is a gathering of the people of Bukidnon that showcases their different indigenous cultures. It is held annually and starts off with a float parade followed by a dance performance. What’s interesting and refreshing about it is the team effort that goes into the costumes and dances. Children and elders alike show up in colorful indigenous clothing to dance traditional tribal dances with beautiful and intricately designed floats behind them.

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As you can see, a trip to Bukidnon is a great place to relax and bask in our beautiful Filipino culture. Book a trip now!


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