Cool Adventures for Your Next Boracay Vacation

Boracay is definitely the place to be. Since it re-opened, there are major improvements on the island. There are many new establishments and the beach area definitely looks cleaner than it used to be. 

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First things first, as soon as you land via Caticlan or Kalibo, don’t forget to book your airport transfers. Though you can book that when you get there, it’s definitely cheaper if you book online and ahead of time. You can get one from klook. This also means, you won’t have to fall in line to get tickets for your transfers. 

It’s nice to just chill in the island but if you are up for an adventure, you can either go Parasailing, Helmet Diving or rent a jet ski. If you want an adventure with your barkada, you can also go get a UFO ride or a Banana Boat ride. If you just want to sail, you can get a speed boat rental where you can dance and party with your friends. 

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If you have a little more budget, you can opt to take a helicopter ride and see the island from above. The ride gives a perfect view of outlying islands like Carabao and Crocodile Island.


If you are afraid of heights, you can go island hopping. There are group tours and private tours that you can choose from. The group tour can consist of 12-30 people depending on the flow of the tourists. The private tours can be a group of 2-5 people depending on what you will book. When I inquired in Boracay, they were charging Php1000-12000 pesos per person for the group tour. I was so happy that I got to save at least Php200 when I booked through klook where it was only Php700.

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Though the tour destinations are different depending on the weather and your tour operator, you will get a chance to go snorkeling at different dive spots. They will also take you to different white sand beaches where you can bask under the sun or just chill by the beach. The tours also include buffet lunch!

After an eventful day, it’s sure that you will get hungry so indulge in some island food at Ka-On at Tides Hotel. They offer boodle feasts that are good for 6-8 people. We loved the Balabag boodle: Grilled Tuna Belly, Chicken/Pork Adobo, Butter Garlic Shrimp, Ensalada, and more. The service is also amazing! They will even help you wash your hands before eating!


The next day, you can discover the beauty of Malumpati Cold Spring. I actually haven’t heard of this place before so we were so excited to see it in person. It was dubbed as the cleanest inland bodies of water in the country and you can get a tour with hotel transfers!


If you have time to spare, you can go on an eco-adventure at Tibiao. The tour is for the whole day but it’s full of adventures! Though it’s a little expensive, you will get to visit Tibiao River for rafting, Bugtong Bato Waterfalls for trekking and to see seven waterfalls. You will end the tour with Antique’s kawa hot bath.

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I always loved Scuba Diving so I had to check out Boracay’s underwater paradise. An introductory dive for non-certified divers costs around Php5,000 from the places I’ve been to but I got a deal for Php3,000 in Boracay. Your dive masters are certified so you shouldn’t worry. The booking includes 1 dive, a PADI instructor, diving equipment, water and towel.

Eagle Point Resort and Sepoc Island 76

What are you waiting for? Plan your Boracay vacation now!

Photos by Sky Gavin, Julia Oasin and Klook