7 Places in the Philippines to Disconnect: Why a (Temporary) Break-up from the Internet is Healthy

We encourage you to drop your gadgets and disconnect. 

Isn’t that ironic coming from us? Modern technology has changed the way we live–mostly for the better. It has helped us meet new people, keep in touch with loved ones, become more efficient in work, and easily access new information. With all these conveniences, shouldn’t we be working less and relaxing more?

That is hardly the case. Because of the Internet and cellphones, we are now reachable 24/7. We are always on call. Modern technology is often traced to social media addiction and difficulty to concentrate. The saddest of all the negative effects is the failure to live in the moment.

Our suggestion is not for you to totally drop the numerous benefits of modern technology, but to schedule a time to disconnect and enjoy your surroundings–without having to overthink what filter to use on Instagram. With these seven places we recommend, keeping your eyes off the screen wouldn’t be a huge problem.

7.) Luljetta’s Hangging Gardens and Spa in Antipolo

Luljetta 6

Luljetta 7

Luljetta 4

Luljetta 2 



Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens and Spa is the first and only hanging gardens and spa in the Philippines. It is set in a mountain resort in Antipolo City, Rizal Province, where you could have a view of the Laguna De Bay and the Manila skyline. They have numerous amenities such as the swimming pool and the fish spa.

6.) Calaguas


Boat against Calaguas sunset

Calaguas sand and clear water

The clear waters of Calaguas


Calaguas Local

WhenInManila.com contributor Reg Silva described her magical time in Calaguas:

Time stops in Calaguas. There’s no cell signal so you don’t see people looking down on their phones and scrolling though inane Facebook updates and photos of food on Instagram. Instead you will see people playing volleyball or throwing a Frisbee around, sleeping on their sarongs under the shade of the trees, or swimming with the fish in the turquoise waters and taking in the scenery. When the sky changes from blues to pinks and purples at sunset, people stop and watch. At night, the beach is illuminated by nothing but the moon, and stars pepper the sky, easily visible due to the absence of smog and light pollution…If you’re looking to head to the beach, relax, leave all worries behind, and take the time to do nothing, Calaguas is the place to go. And the best time to go is now, while the island is in between the anchors of the past, and the promise of the future.

5.) Batad, Ifugao

Batad Banaue Weekend Getaway Batad Banaue Weekend Getaway

Batad, Ifugao: Where Broken Hearts Go?

Batad, Ifugao: Where Broken Hearts Go?

Batad, Ifugao: Where Broken Hearts Go?

Batad, Ifugao: Where Broken Hearts Go?

Batad, Ifugao: Where Broken Hearts Go?

WhenInManila contributor Sheena Lorenzo was quick to recommend Batad as the ideal location for people who want to disconnect. She wrote:

 The same way PCs need rebooting, so do we need an occasional disconnection from the world. Got issues of not feeling at home anywhere? Maybe you should try this place where the natives treat their visitors like family. I usually left my gadgets lying around and they remained untouched. The natives eagerly told stories from their legends, culture, and family to the most random things like their puppies and their names. A refreshing take from the normal skepticism we feel towards other people in Manila. They’ll even perform a cultural show for you. I got goosebumps listening to their welcome song with lyrics that went something like “we will take care of you, we will remember you” which the children sang.