7 Places in Coron Palawan you MUST Visit

Before anything else, I would just like to emphasize that this is not a paid post, nor is anything sponsored. There are all unbiased opinions and experiences of mine and mine only. Also, I did not edit these photos not even their lighting. I want everyone to see how naturally beautiful Coron, Palawan is.

I always make it a point that when I travel I had to go to local destinations before considering international ones as I am in love with our backyard. I would always brag about the places that I’ve been to in the Philippines especially when it comes to beaches and our waters. Ilocos, Boracay, Bicol, Quezon, Zambales too many places to mention.


I’ve never been to Palawan though, which is a strange fact when people find out how much I love the water. I would ALWAYS dismiss people’s comments of “OMG Palawan is AMAZING” and any of that sort as I’ve seen pretty amazing destinations before and I didn’t want to get my hopes up. Since sometimes I’ve had some experiences while traveling where the place is amazing but sanitation weren’t or people weren’t the friendliest which is a big turn of for me.


So I packed my bags, took a week long leave and hoped there would not be any disappointments with what was dubbed as one the most beautiful places in the world.


Yes, it was breathtaking. The beautiful islands, islets and amazing coral reef life. But what stood out for me was how disciplined their residents were. They were very clean and they were really implementing protection towards the wildlife, corals and their shores. Everyone was so polite and nice as well and I never felt taken advantage of as a tourist. They showed compassion for the nature which taught me to be more compassionate as well. Here are my 7 favorite places in Coron, Palawan.

7. Ship Wreck


There are 2 different shipwrecks near Coron and they will take you to both depending on the package of which you availed from them. Though both are equally spectacular. Everyone is required to wear a lifevest so you can float around and you won’t feel tired. Using your snorkels and goggles you can see the ship below. Though if you are a good swimmer you can take off your lifevest provided that you only stay near the boat with the tour guides.


I wasn’t wearing my lifevest so I can sink properly cause I wanted a good look at the ship from below. Many come here for scuba diving. There were many divers and diving boats around the area and they were all enjoying the scenery of the wreck.


If you know how to free dive, let the tour guides know so they can accompany you near the ship. Though I suggest you can just give your camera to the tour guides and they will dive for you and take good photos for you. They are VERY good with GoPros!


Tip: It’s good to invest in snorkels and goggles so you can maximize your time here. If you’re not too iffy about it, you can rent snorkels and fins. Before the boat leaves they will ask you in town if you want to rent one and they will give it to you at Php 150.00. Don’t worry, all snorkels are properly priced this way.

6.  Mount Tapyas

For people like me who’s not an “active” person, climbing a mountain can feel intimidating. Though it was only 210 meters above sea level and they have stairs and even landing areas where u can rest for a bit before continuing the 724 steps, I tried it out.


Even halfway through the climb, we were exhausted. Our strategy was slowly but surely, taking ample rest (still standing and moving, do not sit down) Seeing the view from half way was extraordinary thus it made us excited to reach the peak.




Tip: Wear sweat-able gear for it to be easier to go up. Also, best time to climb is around 5am or 5pm for sunrise or sunset. We went to see the sunset. The sun dancing was beautiful.

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