7 Pinoy Snacks That Will Keep You Warm This Rainy Season

Aside from soundtripping, rainy days are a great excuse to pig out. We need food to keep us warm, after all. Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain as you munch (or sip) on these popular Pinoy rainy-day snacks:

7. Lugaw


Throw in a boiled egg and some tokwa’t baboy and we’re all set!

6. Champorado


Chocolate-flavored rice? Yum! Don’t forget to have some tuyo with that.

5. Arroz caldo

arroz caldo

Like lugaw, but with chicken. Yuuum!

4. Ginataang Bilo-bilo

ginataang bilo-bilo

It’s like the hot version of a halo-halo. It’s banana, sago, kamote, ube, and chewy glutinous rice balls in coconut cream soup. Carbs pa more!

3. Instant Chicken Noodle Soup

If you’re pressed for time, thrown in some instant noodle soup over a boiling pot of water, add in some eggs and voila! Busog lusog!

2. Biskwit + condensed milk

condensed milk skyflakes biskwit

Munch on some crackers dipped in sweet, milky kondensada while watching raindrops cascade on your windows. Naks!

1. Sopas


Bought the evaporated milk instead of condensed? Fret not! Sautee onions and garlic. Add in some meat (pork, meat loaf, left over chicken, whatever). Dump water and boil some elbow macaroni (but other pastas still work, tbh). Throw in some carrots and cabbage, too. Then pour in milk and a bit of fish sauce. And be sure not to forget the little cut-up hotdogs for the pinkish soup. Yum!

Hungry? You’re not alone! What’s your favorite rainy-day food?

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