7 Must-Try Restaurants in One Bonifacio High Street

Words by Cole Mañalac

BGC is one of the most popular places for people to hang out at. The abundance of activities in and around the area makes it an ideal destination where you can accomplish many things in one day without having to zoom around Metro Manila. Everything you’ll need is there! But when it comes to food, with all the available choices, it can be a bit overwhelming to choose.

You don’t have to search far and wide, though. In the heart of BGC is One Bonifacio High Street, which is home to some of the best restos in Metro Manila. Here are some of our favorites!

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7. The rockin’ cones and ice cream of Emack and Boilo

One Bonifacio High Street food crawl 67

If you want something to curb your sweet tooth, try this! The US-based ice cream stall was one of the pioneers to putting Oreos on ice cream, and they make sure to prove that statement with their unique marshmallow cones! With their large servings and electrifying marshmallow cones, it’s more than worth it to get a scoop for you to share with your friends (Php165.00).

6. The authentic Osakan okonomiyaki and takoyaki from Botejyu

One Bonifacio High Street food crawl 52

In the mood for some Japanese? Try Botejyu, an Osakan restaurant that aspires to give Filipinos the best taste of classic Japanese favorites. Seventy percent of their ingredients are shipped directly from Japan. Takoyaki is one of the stars in Botejyu⁠—don’t miss trying out their All-star Takoyaki (Php255.00). If not that then their okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake) will transport you to Osaka, the city famous for both these traditional Japanese snacks.

5. The stylish Swiss fondue and steak from Chateau 1771

If you’re in the mood for a more European flavor, Chateau 1771’s tomato cheese fondue (Php1250.00 for small/Php2350.00 for a group) is a delightful replication of the Swiss plate, and it’s a fantastic starter to any gathering.

One Bonifacio High Street food crawl 18

What really shines in the restaurant though is their Potence (Php900/g), grilled beef tenderloin that they hang on a gallow and flambe in front of you! It’s Instagram-worthy, and an experience that you don’t want to miss out.

One Bonifacio High Street food crawl 13

4. M Bakery’s delicate and tasty banana pudding

One Bonifacio High Street food crawl 2

If you’re not in the mood to eat heavy, M Bakery serves the classic all-American confections from cupcakes to cookies, and cakes, with one of the prime specialties being their banana pudding (Php145 for small, Php295 for medium, Php375 for large). On a personal note, the taste of the dessert gives me so much life, and it’s a must if you’re visiting the area. That being said, all the things they make are baked inside the premises, with no preservatives, and by the hour. That way you’re always going to get the freshest sweets!

3. The tropical sangria of La Picara

Kimchi CroquetasKimchi Croquetas, Image from La Picara Manila Facebook

The mall doesn’t only cater to families and just the typical meals in a day. La Picara’s menu offers a Spanish-Asian fusion-based menu to let you taste a unique kind of flavor you’re not going to get anywhere else. A specialty the restaurant offers nearly all-day is their Sangria Picara (Php350.00 a glass). The restaurant infuses a tad more fruitiness into the drink, leaving you always wanting more. Though besides that, their Kimchi Croquetas (Php340.00) is a refreshing appetizer to work alongside your drink.

One Bonifacio High Street food crawl 41

2. Nikkei Nama Bar’s sake sangria

One Bonifacio High Street food crawl 29

Not one to miss out in the sangria fiesta, Nikkei Nama Bar shows that they also have mettle. Following the history of Japanese nationals migrating to Peru, the restaurant looked to further acknowledge that culture with their fusion menu. With their unique Sake Sangria (Php295.00 a glass/Php795.00 a pitcher), they take pride in their Japanese-Peruvian fusion, showcasing that with the Iberico Pork Ribs (Php420.00) to follow your alcoholic adventure.


1. Mongolo Atelier Barista’s special Tea Frappucino

One Bonifacio High Street food crawl 1

Though, if you don’t feel like drinking alcohol, the place to be is Malongo Atelier Barista. Their surprisingly different Tea Frappuccino (Php180 moyen/Php200 grande) is a unique twist on the drink. Unlike milk tea, the presence of ice cream and your choice of flavored syrup solidifies the original approach of the branch. If not that, then a wide array of fair trade coffee might entice you to try all of the different flavors (prices vary).

So if you’re looking to have a meal or snack that’ll let you experience different kinds of unique dining experiences, look no further than to check out these restaurants and dishes. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to see why people rave about all their signature dishes and drinks. The amazing part about all of this is that all of these restaurants and stalls are located at the One Bonifacio High Street Mall located near One Bonifacio High Street Park, 5th Ave, and around the area you’ve got everything you could need to have a family day out or a hangout with your friends.

Any suggestions on where to eat in the area? Share it with us down below!