7 Matis Meat Dishes To Satisfy Your Inner Foodie

When In Manila…ahhh, there’s Matis Meat. The steak place we have all come to love in Alabang now has grown another branch at the Venice Grand Canal Mall. On top of that, they’ve added amazing dishes to satisfy your inner foodie.

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Whenever I go into a restaurant, I go with a purpose to be satisfied. From the ambiance, to the service, and most importantly, with the food.  That’s the whole art of eating, or else eating would just be a perfunctory task of fueling your body.


We eat out because we want to experience, to laugh (with friends & family), and to love the foodeven get lost in it for the moment. That’s the mark of a foodie, and we all have it in us. Sometimes we just need to unleash it.


To help you with that, we’ve curated the best on the menu of Matis Meat and Bread to make sure you experience what we did and come out satisfied enough to say…hey, that certainly was a great meal.

(7) Balut Aligue – P220


Just as sinful as it sounds, you get an adventure with balut and the oozing yumminess of aligue (crab eggs) on a sizzling plate for starters. Very tasty and a gourmet way to let your foreign/local friends to try balut out.

Camille’s Spinach & Arugula Bean Salad – Php 240


Comes with sweet Chili vinaigrette. You get an aromatic, peppery-flavored greens along with squid rings that match it perfectly.

Bia’s 4 Cheese Pizza – Php 365


I’ve had 4-cheese pizzas in various pizza joints and a few other quaint restaurants, but nothing compares to this one.  The way the flavors of the cheeses just combine and melt in your mouth is heavenly. You have to try it.

Truffle Pasta – Php 399


Truffle is the ultimate luxury food. This pasta does taste fancy, with an earthy appeal to it. It is a memorable dish because after the first bite, something lingers and you get the mushroomy perfume that make you look forward to the next bites.

Classic Rib Eye – 150g (Php 470)


Lets start with the good ole steak, one of their best sellers. This dish is served with mashed potatoes & veggies. Choose how well you want to have it done and you’re off to great tasting tender comfort food.

Wagyu Ribeye – 180g (P1200)


For a simply melt of your mouth prime steak, this is a superb deal for Wagyu steak. There’s no better place to be a beef lover than at Matis meat.

Wagyu Tenderloin – 180g (P1600)


Comes with soup & wagyu rice, this tenderloin is lush and juicy. Matis Meat serves up mouthwatering slabs for your taste. This dish definitely makes the cut.

And, of course, the desserts. Their desserts vary, but still a great way to cap off your meal.



Wine is also available for your picking to go along with all that delicious steak. Perfect for talking it out with friends over a relaxing meal.



Its rare that you go into a restaurant where all the dishes taste great; its either you get a few top sellers and a few so-so ones, but Matis meat authentically presents consistent good taste in its menu line up.

When in Manila and you have that refined interest in food a.k.a. foodie, then Matis Meat in the Venice Grand Canal Mall should be on your hitlist.


Matis Meat and Bread

Ground Floor, Venice Grand Canal Mall, McKinley Hill, Taguig City
FB and IG : matismeatandbread
(02) 847 2273
11am – 10pm


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