7 Legit Groups that You should be Following for Coronavirus Updates

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We all know that social media is useful in giving information. However, it can also be breeding ground for fake news and controversies. That’s why misunderstandings arise when unverified news is shared. And we definitely don’t need further panic in the chaos that already surrounds the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Thankfully, we’ve narrowed down some groups that give you legit news about the COVID-19 and all its repercussions. From suspensions to mall closings and even updates on new cases, these groups give info straight from the source. What’s more, they can all be read through a computer or on mobile. Now that’s on-the-go access!

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7. DOH PH COVID-19 (Viber Group)

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A verified community on Viber that focuses primarily on updates from the government— not just the Department of Health (DOH). The information they send out includes official memos, news on new cases, guidelines from the Department of Transportation and even press release meant for the media. Join the community by clicking the invite link here.

6. PH Coronavirus Updates (Telegram Group)

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This telegram group primarily focuses on verified news about COVID-19, which is relevant to the Philippines, along with major world updates. Their source of information includes DOH, the World Health Organization (WHO), and various news agencies. Join the community by clicking the invite link here.

5. Laging Handa PH (Facebook)


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A crisis prevention center on Facebook that aims to bridge the gap between the government and the public. Here, you can find the latest press release and updates so that you can be prepared during emergencies. Visit their Facebook page here.

4. COVID Ask Force (Messenger Group)

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A Messenger group created by Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health (ASMPH) doctors and consultants that allows people to message or consult with doctors to ask about COVID-19. It’s specifically made to answer queries and advise people on whether they need to go to the Emergency Room or not. In turn, it helps minimize exposure for you and your family. To join the group, click here.

3. Department of Health (Official Facebook Page)


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Photo from DOH Facebook

For a health crisis like the COVID-19, it only makes sense to get information directly from the source. The Department of Health (DOH) is responsible for helping Filipinos get access to public health services, and to ensure quality health care. Their official Facebook page regularly includes updates on new COVID-19 cases and includes official memoranda and press releases on what to do and what will be done next. Check out the page here.

2. Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (Official Facebook Page)


Photo from the RITM Facebook Page

The Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM) is the official infectious and tropical disease wing of the DOH. A culmination of negotiations between Japan and the Philippines, RITM houses a laboratory for testing and research, as well as a hospital wing for patients who are sick. Since COVID-19 is part of their jurisdiction, a lot of firsthand information about the disease comes up in their website and page. These include safety precautions, steps on how they perform tests, and ongoing findings or developments about the disease. The page can be found here.

1. World Health Organization (Official Facebook Page)

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Photo from WHO Facebook Page

The World Health Organization (WHO) is a good source of information about the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. An organization that sets the norms and standards with global health-related concerns, they are the first to know about a disease and the first to implement measures against it. In addition, they provide support and information for countries based on research and data. And said information is worded in a way that it is easy to understand by the public. Visit their page here.

Also, you might want to follow: Wheninmanila.com Community (Viber Group)

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Our very own Viber group! We post the latest stories and updates — not just about COVID-19 and its happenings firsthand, but also about a wide range of topics. These include celebrity features, the newest restaurants and dishes, travel tips, and more. It’s a mix of important updates and some lighthearted news that keeps you informed about the comings and goings of the world. Join our community by clicking the invite link here.

Got any other groups and pages that give out verified information about the ongoing COVID-19 crisis? Let us know in the comments!

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