7 Horror-Thriller Podcasts to Listen in the Dark

Looking for a way to feel the Halloween spirit at home? From unsettling and eerie horror narratives to true crime stories, we have 7 horror-thriller podcasts for you! 

Let your imagination run wild as you binge-listen to these horror-thriller podcasts with Podcast Network Asia.

Nginig Stories

As the name suggests, Nginig Stories features various Tagalog horror stories that make you nginig throughout each episode. The show is narrated in the Filipino language as it features fictional and real-life horror stories submitted to its host Kira. It is one of the most-listened horror podcasts under Podcast Network Asia as it serves spine-chilling episodes that make followers listen for more. 

Philippine Campfire Stories

The Philippines is rich with mythical stories, folklore, and legends. In this podcast, we unveil the horror stories from the past as we go on a campfire experience with camp master Earl Jerico. 

Spend your Halloweek with Philippine Campfire Stories’ well-researched episodes here. 

Stories Philippines Podcast

Enticing you with horror stories and conspiracies that are fiction and non-fiction, Stories Philippines Podcast accommodates listeners who are ready to imagine the unimaginable narratives, facts, history, culture of the Philippines and the rest of the world.

Each episode is filled with not just onebut multiple storiesthat make you sleep with the lights on at night. 

Asia in the Shadows

Asia in the Shadows is the newest thriller podcast under the network, hosted by Filipino-German Christine Abrigana. The show highlights true crime stories from the largest and most diverse continent on the planet.

Its pilot episode titled ”The Jessica Wongso and Mirna Salihin Story” tackles the real-life story from Indonesia about a friendship that ended in revenge and murder. 

PH Murder Stories

From rape cases to hazings, slayings to suicides, murders to massacres, kidnapping to killings—you can find them all in PH Murder Stories. This is a podcast that narrates infamous murders and true crime stories that bring chills around your body.

It recently launched its second season with Podcast Network Asia last October 8, 2021, and is bringing us more intriguing crime stories that make us scared for our lives.

The Last 24 Hours 

The Last 24 Hours features the most notorious and almost unbelievable events that lead to true crime cases around the world. This podcast keeps listeners awake for the last 24 hours as it proves that the devil is in the details. 

This show will launch its third season premiere on Oct. 29, 2021, with a new show format called Choose Your Own Adventure. Each story will have at least three episodes with different character POVs that will surely intrigue its avid listeners. 

Quickie PH

Quickie PH is a podcast made for thirsty listeners. Filled with erotica with hints and ounces of horror and suspense on the side. This is more than just a podcast for your listening pleasure. It’s also a show that will haunt your next sexcapade.

Can you listen to these shows without the lights on? Join these shows along with Class Clown’s Chino Liao and TOL from Yellow Space as Earl from Philippine Campfire Stories and Jan Paul’s Stories Philippines Podcast take over Podcast Network Asia’s Instagram page. This will happen on October 27, 8:30pm, and October 28, 8:00pm respectively.

The show hosts will accept the challenge of listening in the dark as they also talk about the scariest thing they’ve encountered in their lives. 

What are you waiting for? Check out these podcasts in Spotify, Apple Podcast, or wherever you listen to podcasts. But beware, listen at your own risk.