7 Great-Tasting Wines You Can Buy for P550 or Less


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Written by Howi Bakunawa

The holidays are upon us — a time for good food, reunions, and celebration! And honestly, what’s a celebration without a little wine? If you’re looking to impress, there isn’t any reason for you to break the bank for a great bottle of wine. Here are 7 great-tasting wines you can purchase at your local deli or supermarket all for the bargain price of P550 or less:

7. Three Hens

Three Hens Wine

Three Hens is a local brand of wine that comes in both red and white varieties. The owners of the wine-brand work in direct partnership with a Spanish winery. This gives their wines a DO (denominación de origen) from the La Mancha region of Spain, a region renowned for their soil and climate which produces exquisitely-flavored wines. You can pick up a bottle for just P550! Three Hens is a wine that pairs excellently with food, perfect for all the parties during the Christmas season! 

6. Barefoot

Barefoot Wine

Barefoot brings a wide selection of wines to the table including: Moscato, Merlot, Pink Moscato, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Sauvignon Blanc. If you enjoy your wine full-bodied and on the sweeter side, then Barefoot’s a must-try! At a retail price at around P500, it’s definitely the perfect go-to wine for any occasion.

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5. De Poursac

De Poursac Wine

De Poursac is as what good wines should be — simple, uncomplicated, delicious, and for the purposes of this list: retailing for a steal-price of P505! It comes in Red or Sauvignon Blanc. Their red wine is a Bordeaux-blend with a balanced finish. You can expect clean, crisp, citrus notes from the Sauvignon Blanc as well as a deliciously tart acidity.

4. Chez Samantha

Chez Samantha Wine

Being a dry French red wine, Chez Samantha is a good table vino to have on hand. A bottle goes for the wonderfully-affordable price of anywhere between P220 to P500 depending on the seller. On the nose, it’s fruity and exudes an almost alpine kind of freshness. Tasting it, you get hints of a mild kind of sweetness that pairs agreeably with most anything. You can enjoy it all on its own or have it with tapas or cheese!

3. Two Oceans

Two Oceans Wine

Two Oceans is a South African brand of wine that’s perfect for easy-going afternoons spent together in the company of good friends. Expect their white wine to be tangy and light on the palate. Their red wine, on the other hand, is rich, smooth, and velvety. The best thing about it? A bottle won’t cost you more than P550!

2. Yellow Tail

Yellow Tail Wine

I’m sure you all saw this one coming. Yellow Tail is an Australian brand of wine that can conveniently be found in most supermarkets here in the Philippines. I’m almost certain that you’ve seen it at least once peeking out from the shelves of your local grocery. My titas personally prefer their Moscato, but they also have a variety of other wines such as Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Chardonnay with each bottle costing no more than P550. 

1. Beringer

Beringer Cab Sav Wine

It always amazes me how you can get a bottle of Beringer Cabernet Sauvignon for P500. You really can’t go wrong with a wine that comes from California’s naturally temperate Napa Valley region. Their Cabernet Sauvignon’s flavor-profile is accessible; nothing too fancy but delicious all the same! The taste itself is rich and homely, owing to flavors of dark fruits, vanilla, and oak. It’s a wine that’s well-suited to any and all occasions from the casual to the more lavish and formal.

Will you be buying any of these wines the next time you meet up with your friends or family? What’s your go-to affordable wine? We’d love to hear more about it!