7 Epic Fails of the Week

7 Epic Fails of the Week


Looks like this week is full of “epic fails”.

From leaked photos to a racy fashion show, and weird project built in Manila to tshirt joking about sex at the boys section, let’s do a quick look back to some of the fail incidents that happened this week:


7. Ad says Malaysia is better than the Philippines

Aegis, a BPO company, allegedly released a video advertisement that says Malaysia is a better than the Philippines. The video pinpointed the disadvantages of having an outsourcing business in the Philippines to show that Malaysia is the better alternative.


Aegis issued an apology via post on its Facebook page since.


6. Ellen Adarna leaked photos

About three weeks after the sensitive photo leaks of Jennifer Lawrence and many other female Hollywood celebrities, a photo leak of a local female celebrity surfaced online this week. Unlike the Hollywood photo leak, the local leaks weren’t selfies or photos taken from a personal smartphone, but rather from a photoshoot done by Esquire Philippines.

Ellen Adarna posed in a seductive yet classy cover for the said magazine last April. She appears completely naked, with words artfully covering her chest and waist area. However, this week, photos from the said shoot, which does not include the words, began spreading online.

Ellen Adarna's nude photos from Esquire Philippines leaked 3 

She simply commented about the leak by posting on Instagram, “Yesterday I received good and bad news. Today will be a f***ing good day. Moving on.” 


5. Smashed car window and alleged theft

Smashing the window of a parked car is becoming a rampant modus operandi. Even in paid parking lots, there are several reports about this. The most recent one happened in a parking lot near CCP.

Smashed car window in CCP Parking (3)

Valuables left inside the car including a Mac Pro, phone charger, a check book, important documents, and new Solaire ID were reportedly stolen, and unfortunately, no one got apprehended.


4. “Weirdest project in the world”

An old photo from 2012, re-surfaced on Facebook this week and again caused a bit of a stir. It was captioned with:

MMDA mini foot bridge project at Quirino Grandstand. Mentioned as one of the ‘Weirdest Project in the World’. Only in the Philippines. We didn’t only waste money, but it made us look dumb in the International Engineering Community.” 

This photo went viral again with someone claiming that it was included in a global “Weirdest Projects” list. Thankfully, this issue was cleared up by many more knowledgeable people which properly informed us of what this really was. You can check out the full details here – “MMDA mini foot bridge project 

It got a lot of shares on the said social network since many missed to see the full context of the said photo.

MMDA Mini Footbridge (3) - Featured

Actually, the mini footbridge served a bigger purpose, as a learning structure for kids. The mini footbridge is built in the MMDA Children Road’s Safety Park, which aims to teach the kids about basic road signs and safety. 


3. Libis Falls Featuring Dereck Ramsay

Gotta love the Filipino Spirit! No matter what happens, we find a way to smile. We’re actually not sure if this one counts as a fail or a win…. so we’ll just leave this here for you….


2. Girl on a leash in “The Naked Truth” fashion show

The Naked Truth is a fashion show by Bench where it is supposed to showcase its latest collection of denim and underwear. In this event, many celebrities and models sashayed on the catwalk to flaunt different clothing pieces and undergarments.

However, the event got a lot of flak online due to its very provocative presentation, which many netizens deemed unnecessary for a fashion show. Moreover, the girl on a leash that walked along with Coco Martin in the show was said to be disrespectful and demeaning.

The Naked Truth

(Image from: StyleBible.ph) 

Bench issued an apology regarding the “offensive elements” of the fashion show.


1. “Rape” shirt sold in a department store

A netizen posted a photo of a sweater that contains an offensive print, making fun of rape!

It’s being sold in the boy’s section of a giant department store. The print says, “IT’S NOT RAPE, IT’S A SNUGGLE WITH A STRUGGLE.”



With lots of fails in the past week, we hope the coming week has something better in store.

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7 Epic Fails of the Week