7 Destinations in Antipolo that aren’t Pinto Art Museum

Words by Joseph Cesar
Photos by JP Sium

With the recent growth in popularity of the Pinto Art Museum, a lot of people miss the other destination spots in Antipolo—which is quite unfortunate given its rich culture and history, and not to mention its high terrain that allows you to enjoy a good climate and a cool breeze. There’s no need to travel for hours on end in order to enjoy peace and tranquility, they can be found within the city of Antipolo!

Here are 7 destinations in Antipolo that isn’t the Pinto Art Museum! (Note that the list is in no particular order)

7. Cafe Cristina

Located inside Cristina Villas, Cafe Cristina is perfectly situated in the resort. Blessed with an amazing view and a windy morning, it makes Cafe Cristina an ideal place to sit back, relax, and take a sip of their hot coffee.

6. Hinulugan Taktak Falls

A quick history lesson: Hinulugan Taktak, when directly translated, literally means “where the bell was dropped”. People say that a long time ago, a priest dropped a mass bell here due to its unbearably loud sound. Either way, Hinulugan Taktak is now open to the public after more than 10 years of recovery. More than just the actual falls, this is also an ideal place to have your picnics as they have tables where you can set up and enjoy the scenery!

5. Parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Notable for its modern architecture, the Parish is perfect for baptisms, with a perfect ray of sunlight that hits the center of the Parish at high noon. The open architecture of the Parish welcomes the cold breeze that rolls through. It also allows for better appreciation of the natural trees that surround it. A lot of couples also choose to have their wedding here and is booked until the year 2020! If you’re looking for a place to go to mass and find serenity, this is definitely the place.

4. Le Blanc Hotel and Bistro

This boutique hotel is ideal for a couple’s stay—complete with a pool and a sky garden to hold receptions. Staying true to its translation, Le Blanc (“white” in French) commits to its white interior. Good thing to note, you can also enjoy their delicious food via walk-in. With an appetizing menu with wagyu cubes, beef salpicao, sisig, and other mouth-watering dishes! What intrigued me the most was their traditional sisig. What makes it traditional are the ingredients used and what was most interesting to me was the use of pig’s brain!

3. Luljetta’s Garden Suites

Luljetta’s Garden Suites is amazing. The rooms are spacious and complete with basic amenities, but most of all, there are a lot of facilities to enjoy. There is a hydro massage space, an infinity pool, jacuzzi, sauna, movie room, and massage rooms. You can also soak your feet and let the fishes gently nibble on your feet, clearing your dead skin away!

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2. 11 Circle Food Hub and Events place

Dinner of different cuisines is readily available at the 11 Circle Food Hub. With surprise dance numbers from the staff, you are sure to stay entertained! What stood out to me the most was their Korean stall which offers an experience similar to that of a KBBQ. Upon ordering, they provide you with a portable grill for you to cook the meat on!

1. Cafe Lupe

Though the name says cafe, Cafe Lupe is so much more than just that. Contained within it are several KTV rooms, an Elorde Boxing Gym, and rooms to stay in! They are also very proud to be one of the only ones to offer “pugon-style pizza” (brick oven pizza) in the area.

Antipolo is a wonderful city with a lot to offer. If you’re looking to relax and find peace without having to go too far, this is definitely the city for you. On the way back, don’t forget to stop by their sidewalk stalls to buy some suman (sticky rice) and kasuy (cashew)! 


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