7 Camp Sawi Gods You Can Call Upon for All of Your Sawi Sorrows

It’s one of the greatest movements sweeping across the nation. It’s the home of all those who are single, brokenhearted, and/or bitter. Maybe it’s you. Maybe it’s someone you know. Maybe it’s somebody that you used to know. One thing’s for sure: those who suffer from an achy breaky heart have risen up and found camaraderie amongst one another, forming one of this country’s most trending cults today, Camp Sawi. There’s even a movie about it!

As with every cult, there must be an object of worship. And no, the Spirit of Kasawian doesn’t count (technically). Worry not, though, for I have for you these gods and goddesses who share our pain and can help us do something about it, too. Here are the seven gods to call upon for all of your Sawi Sorrows. Lo and behold, bitterness conquers even the divine!

7 Camp Sawi Gods You Can Call Upon for All of Your Sawi Sorrows

7. Amanikable

Peg: Basted Beastmode

Kapalaran: umibig, nabigo, naghiganti

Patron Saint of: Mga Nabasted


He’s the Manobo god of the sea known for his hot-headedness and terrifying fury. Amanikable once fell in love with a mortal named Maganda. She rejected him because she loved someone else, but not before using the deity for all he could give her. Amanikable was angered by her rejection and manipulation. He let his bitter wrath be felt by raining hellfire upon men in the form of storms and tempests.

Pray to him for a hell of a comeback at your ex or whoever it was who broke your heart. Hopefully, it won’t be something as drastic as death or a storm that floods the world. Kahit masamid man lang sana or mabinlaukan yung kumag na dumurog ng puso mo, para the feeling is mutual kahit man lang sa pagsikip ng dibdib ninyong dalawa.

6. Bong Libun

Peg: Rejected Goods

Kapalaran: umibig, nawalan, tinanggihan

Patron Saint of: Mga Pinaasa


Bong Libun was initially happily married to her brother Sfedat (incest was a big thing back then, there weren’t that many options). When her husband realized he was barren, however, he asked her to kill him, so he could become earth that would give life. Talk about drastic. After his death, one of Bong Libun’s other brothers asked for her husband’s body to make the world. She agreed in exchange of having one of her nephews marry her. When it came time for Bong Libun to be wed again, all of her nephews refused her.

Thankfully, her youngest brother Datu Bnoling fell for her underappreciated beauty and married her. She gave birth to his children and they lived happily ever after.

Pray to Bong Libun for that extra push that everyone needs to persevere and move on to greener, more appreciative pastures. Kung ayaw nila sa’yo, eh di leche flan, ayaw mo rin sa kanila. Lakad lakad lang ng konti pa, may mas gwapo/gwapang naghihintay lang sa may kanto.

5. Luyong Baybay

Peg: Heart Elastoseal

Kapalaran: umibig, naunahan, tinakpan ang butas

Patron Saint of: Mga Move-on Kunwari


Luyong Baybay is the T’boli goddess of the tide and waves. She’s said to have emerged from the hair of the sea goddess Lidagat as Lidagat died. Baybay is told to have the most epic crush on the Moon deity and deific “Crush ng Bayan” Libulan. We’re talking ultimate pining from the ocean floor and nightly serenades to the sky from Baybay. But every time Bulan neared the waters, Baybay grew flustered and shied away. Eventually, another god set his sights on the boy deity and won Bulan over instead. Baybay mourned losing her chance on the boy, but she eventually moved on. She married a fire deity and they had a child together.

Pray to her for the ultimate harana powers as alluring as the melody of the sea. Or para mapanindigan mo yang pagkukunwari mo na nakamove-on ka na sa kanya. Sana maging kasing tibay ng mga alon ang resolve mo na mahalin ang nagmamahal sa’yo at hindi ang minahal mo.

4. Anagolay

Peg: The Search Party

Patron Saint of: Mga Nawalan ng Damdamin


Anagolay is the goddess of lost things. She may not have a sad love story of her own, but she’s a welcome helping hand for those who do.

Pray to her for help getting back your stolen heart. Since she is the goddess of lost things, you can ask for her help para maibalik sa’yo yung pusong inalay mo at basta-bastang tinapon sa isang tabi. Last Christmas you gave them your heart, and the very next day niyurakan niya ang pagkatao mo at binasura ang feelings mo na parang candy wrapper. Tulungan kayo ni Bb. Anagolay, hanapan kayo ng puso.

3. Pandaki

Peg: The Rescue Party

Patron Saint of: Mga Nililigaw ng Pag-ibig


Pandaki is the Visayan deity of luck and fortune. He’s known for saving souls that lost their way to the ferry of the dead, Maguayen. He’s also known for turning wanderers from ill-fated ways and setting them in a better path. Ano pa bang mas mamalas kaysa sa sakit na dinulot sa’yo ng ex o unrequited love mo? It’s complicated maybe? Ano kayo, essay portion ng exam?

Pray to him to save you from the tumultuous fate of the broken hearted. Reorient yourself and find footing again towards new goals and priorities in life. Kung dati kasama siya sa mga pangarap mo, masanay ka nang isipin ang future mo ng may correction tape sa pwesto niya. Tinalikuran ka na niya, kaya talikuran mo na rin sya. Hayaang itulak ka ni Mr. P sa greener and better pastures. Malay mo, mas maganda/gwapo at mayaman pa. Better yet, mas mahal ka at mas mamahalin mo pa. Winky face.

2. Diyan Masalanta

Peg: Jowa Preservative

Patron Saint of: Mga Nangangarap Umibig Muli


Diyan Masalanta is the tagalog goddess of love, fecundity, and childbirth. She’s the beautiful daughter of Anagolay, known for protecting lovers and inspiring love among those who search for it. In modern times, many people actually confuse her for Maria Makiling being that Mt. Makiling was gifted to her by her father, Dumakulem the Tagalog god of mountains.

Pray to this beautiful maiden for help protecting the love that you share with your significant other. Maybe ask for the Baygon for temptation? Pesticide para sa mga umaaligid na ahas, anyone? Or Mighty Bond for lovers, para tumagal yung dikit ng pag-ibig ninyo sa halip na kumupas habang tumatagal.

1. Lakambini

Peg: Matchmaker ng Magaganda

Patron Saint of: Mga Torpe


Lakambini is like the Filipino version of Dionysus, but with a little more morality. He is the god of food, festivity and, ironically, anti-gluttony. He is more renowned, though, for his androgynous beauty. His is the face that held so much beauty, it warrantied him the title of god of purity, being lovelier than that of any maiden.

Pray to him for your own Beyonce (not for Becky with the good hair). Most of his worshipers back then were men who prayed to him to bless them with beautiful wives. Hence, if you’re torpe and you know it, there’s your paraan.

And there you have it. An entire roster of divinities you can call to in your own times of heartbreak, heart wreck, or kapag talagang warak na warak na lang talaga ang pagkatao mo. Shout it out to the universe, shout it to them.


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