6 Tips that Might Just Make You Fall in Love with Walking

You may want to stay fit, but if you aren’t interested in or don’t have the time to work out or do sports on a regular basis, then walking would be your best bet. It’s one of the most effortless ways to stay fit and you already do a bit of it everyday, anyway (or at least we hope you do!)

Since walking isn’t always a fun activity, though, here are some tips that may help make your walks more enjoyable:

6 Tips that Might Just Make You Fall in Love with Walking

6. Walk with your loved ones.

Whether you walk with a close friend, your partner or your parents, the important thing is to spend time with your loved ones while putting your joints to good use at the same time.


The best part about walking with someone that you’re close to, though, is getting to talk and reinforce your relationship to a deeper level. You also have the option to keep things light and just relax while you stroll. You won’t even realize how far you’ve walked if you the enjoy the company you’re with.

5. Bring your dog.

When you have a busy schedule, you might forget to take your dog for a walk. Well, now is the best time to pay up for lost time or deal with a bored and unfit pet. Besides, walking with your dog is a great time for you to bond, exercise and get some fresh air together.

4. Entertain yourself.

Don’t just walk for the sake of it. Go window shopping on your next payday, visit a museum you’ve always wanted to check out, or go around the neighbourhood and visit an old friend you haven’t seen in a while.


Make your walk count by having a mission. Another great way to entertain yourself while walking is by listening to music, so always make sure you charge your phone and bring your earphones the next time you go for a walk.

3. Look for new hangout spots.

Going for a stroll can be a great way to check out overlooked establishments that might just be hiding near your workplace or in your own neighbourhood.

This also happens to be a great time to discover new restaurants, coffee shops, bazaars, and quaint boutiques. Who knows? You might just find your next favorite place to chill by walking.

2. Choose a place with a view.

A leisurely walk in a park full of flowers in bloom, a stroll along a posh business centre, or a quiet alley filled with charming shops will surely make your walking experience a more pleasurable one. Look for a place that interests you, in general, or choose one that is easy on the eyes and has an inviting atmosphere suitable for walking.

1. Wear the right shoes.

Everybody hates experiencing pain from walking, especially ngalay and blisters. This cannot be avoided if we choose to wear ill-fitting shoes, though.

To make all your walks comfortable and easy, you therefore need to be smart when it comes to choosing your footwear. Wear lightweight shoes specifically designed for walking, like Skechers GOwalk.


It features Goga Mat insoles and Goga Pillars that will give you a bounce in every step – perfect for comfortable and effortless walking.  The Skechers GOwalk is available in slip-on, lace-up and sandal versions, and is considered to be the number one walking shoes in the US!

All of these tips can be done to make walking something to look forward to. And why not? Experts say that regular brisk walking can perk up the mood, help maintain weight, reduce fatigue, and lower the risk of diabetes and high cholesterol. So, what are you sitting for? Say hello to a healthier you, stand up and start walking! 🙂

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