5 Comfy Shoes Pinoys Can Wear When Commuting

You know what they say about not having enough shoes? Well, this is very true for commuters, especially the working class who walk and stand for long periods everyday – rain, hail or shine, to get to and from work. While there’s no arguing that sky-high stilettos and leather dress shoes look great for corporate attire, comfort and practicality should still take priority during travel.

As such, a typical commuter should always bring an extra pair of shoes that they can readily switch into when riding transportation here in the Philippines. Here are 5 shoes Pinoys can wear while commuting:

5 Comfy Shoes Pinoys Can Wear When Commuting

5. Flip Flops


Rubber slippers are arguably at the top of every commuter’s mind when it comes to backup footwear. And why not, right? Slippers are easily washable and light on the feet, making them handy, especially for rainy commutes.

4. Basic Flats

Desiree Mallari Shoes 1

For the heel-wearing ladies, basic flats are heaven-sent alternatives. They keep you looking prim and presentable, even when standing in mercilessly long lines at the bus or FX terminal.

3. Plastic or Jelly Shoes


Jelly shoes come in different silhouettes, like ballet flats and sandals for the ladies and slip-on clogs for men. As with flip flops, they’re easy to wash when they get soaked in a downpour.

2. Sneakers

Dress and Sneakers Combo 3

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Sneakers are perfect for any weather or purpose. Whether for sport, casual wear or commuting, shakers have proven to be very reliable companions on an everyday basis.

1. Walking Shoes


Yes, there are shoes out there specifically made for walking! Designed to provide proper cushioning and support, your comfort is guaranteed, whether taking on long queues or lengthy walks.


One popular choice is Skechers GOwalk – the number one walking shoes in the US. These lightweight shoes are perfect for comfortable walks and long hours of standing. The shoe comes in slip-on, lace-up and sandal versions, too. Braving rush hours in the tropics can occasionally be a tad too challenging, especially for your feet, but you can survive this daily ordeal with the right footwear to keep you at ease wherever you are and in whatever type of weather.

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