6 Reasons Why Park Eat is the Hidden Food Park You Should Know About


Somewhere in Eusebio Avenue, Pasig, there’s a new hip food park waiting to be discovered! With the six different stalls that sell all sorts of food, they will surely give you more than enough reasons to go back. We welcome yet another food park themed establishment in the metro with its own unique quirks and attribute.


Park Eat started as a single stall–Pig Stop. They sell different kinds of pork dishes, but as they say, you can never go wrong with the classic. Their original Crispy Pata, which according to the owners took tons of effort to perfect its recipe, is a sure win. From there, they expanded to what the place is today!

And now, here are 6 reasons why Park Eat is the hidden food park you should know about:


6. It’s super Instagrammable!

Every corner of the place is so picture-worthy. You will not just have a good time and will be able to eat amazing food, you’ll also have something to show off on Instagram.



5. It’s small but awesome 

This food park may be smaller than the others in the metro, but the variety of their menus definitely makes up for it. Whether you want to eat healthy or you’re in a Crispy Pata kind of craving, they have it for you. Every time you go back, you’ll get to eat something new! Aside from Pig Stop, they also have an all-day breakfast stall called Yolk that serves all kinds of egg dishes. They also have a stall dedicated for beef dishes, Gourmae that serves pastas and burgers, kebabs, Japanese food, and many many more.



4. The secret location

But not anymore! It’s located in 11 M. Eusebio Avenue, Pasig City. It’s tucked away from the buzz of the metro, but accessible enough for you to easily go to. Since it’s not along the main highways, it gives of the vibe of being private and intimate as the place isn’t that huge. It seems like you’re just having a good time in a pretty garden behind your house in the province.



3. You’ll meet new friends

According to the owners themselves, some of their customers eventually become friends. Since the place is quite intimate, it really does seem like you’re just there eating with most of your friends so it’s not awkward to reach out to the next table and make small talk. The friendly staff also makes sure that you’re having a good time. With a simple smile from them, you’ll always feel welcome.


2. They’re ready for you at any time of the day

Whether you want to have brunch or dinner or even just meryenda, they are open for you. Store hours are from 10 AM to 2 AM. So, after work when you just want to chill with your friends and grab a drink (or two), you’re also welcome. Have some pretty good pulutan on the side!


1. Their Wednesdays and Saturdays Jam

There are artists every Wednesday and Saturday of every week who perform for the people. You can request songs or even sing with them if you want to. Good food + good music? Plus points!


Follow them on Facebook at @ParkEatPasig for updates!