6 Reasons Why It’s Tempting to Migrate to Mars Now

What if explorations to planet Mars finally confirm that it’s possible for us to migrate to the Red Planet anytime now? Would you? I mean, if you’re one of those who are grossly sick of all of Mother Earth’s socio-political and environmental drama, you have to admit the prospect of an interplanetary migration sounds appealing.

So, let’s see where we are right now and do a Disney–if we can imagine it, we can make it happen. 

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mars polar cap


Here are 6 reasons why it’s tempting to migrate to Mars now:

6. Mars and Earth are sister planets.

The two planets have so many similarities, the most promising of which are the weather patterns. However, Mars’ seasons are twice as long as that of Earth’s. Take it however you like, but to me, this means longer summer times! Another positive similarity is the existence of polar ice caps in both planets. Where there’s ice, there’s bound to be water supply.

5. Mars is cool.

As in as low as -82 degrees C during winter, and -5 degrees during summer. That’s because Mars is a lot farther from the sun than our planet. It doesn’t help that it also has a thin atmosphere, making it difficult to store solar heat. Considering the extreme heat we are getting right now here on Earth, this does sound insanely attractive.


4. Gravity is weaker on Mars.

This means we should be able to jump three times higher than we are able to here on Earth. That should save us time and energy from getting to and from different places. Don’t even get me started on how basketball game dynamics will change. Just imagine Curry blocking Lebron’s dunk attempts. And your weight? Multiply your weight by 0.38. Yep, that’ how much lighter you’d be on Mars!

3. Mars is a fountain of youth, so to speak.

One year in Mars is equivalent to almost 2 years on Earth687 earth days, to be exact. So, take your present age and divide it into two. That’s how young you are if you migrate to Mars now.

Elon Muskinhabitat.com

2. A guy named Elon Musk.

The CEO and Lead Designer of SpaceX (and a one-time guest in The Big Bang Theory), Elon Musk’s seeming sole purpose in life is to bring humans to Mars and live there. His SpaceX facility operates to make interplanetary sustainable life possible through space explorations, including Mars. According to Stephen Petranek, author of “How We’ll Live on Mars”, SpaceX has a better record in launching space ships than any other rocket companies in the world. In fact, they are supplying tools to NASA. Now, that’s comforting.

Matt Damon the martianflickering myth.com

1. It’s a YOLO thing.

In Musk’s words, “Getting to Mars would be risky, dangerous, uncomfortable. That would be the greatest adventure in human history, ever!” Who doesn’t want that? Most likely, those who doesn’t like living on the edge. But for us movers and shakers, we who believe that the probable results are worth all the risk, will get to experience what mystery lies in life at the Red Planet.

mars and two moonswikinut.com

There is so much more we can dream of regarding this most talked about planet in the solar system. Fox Network Group’s National Geographic Channel can inspire us to think of more reasons to escape to the Red Planet with its newly launched TV mini-series entitled–you guessed it–Mars. Catch this fact and fiction fusion of a documentary every Thursdays at 9PM.

What do you think of the prospect of becoming a future Martian?