6 Reasons Why This Energy Shot is Better Than Your Usual Energy Drink

Article by: Deina Ida Blancaflor (@disblancaflor) / Photos by: Jemina Mission

In a fast-paced world where we have to beat multiple deadlines, show up to events, maintain a healthy social life, get good grades, and all the other things in-between; it’s sort of a superpower to actually be able to execute all of these things with the limited amount of energy we have. We are only human, after all. On slow Monday mornings or jam-packed Wednesday nights when we need that extra jolt of energy, we found the perfect solution.

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When we think of energy drinks, we usually approach them with caution. Even our usual cup of joe isn’t exempt to this hesitation. Here are 6 reasons why the Booster C Energy Shot isn’t your usual upper:

6 Reasons Why This Energy Shot is Better Than Your Usual Energy Drink

Booster C 3

6. It’s barely the size of your palm!

These little bottles are 3Cs – compact, convenient, and cute! Their shape and size adhere to their one-shot goal, but don’t be fooled because that one shot packs a lot of kicks and punches.


5. It’s easy to find.

Booster C is found in all convenient stores near you: 7-eleven, Mini Stop, groceries and supermarkets, or even that trusted tindera at the corner of your street.

4. It’s affordable.

With a standard retail price of only 20 pesos, we won’t judge you if you stock up on these little guys for your everyday energy boost.

Booster C 2

3. You won’t crash.

The problem with caffeinated drinks is that they build you up; but Buttercup, they leave you crashing and falling afterwards. Booster C boasts of not having that particular side effect – that’s why it’s safe to drink it everyday.

2. It’s bursting with vitamins!

Booster C is packed with vitamins and minerals usually found in your everyday food. More than the taurine, ginseng, caffeine, B vitamins, and inositol, though, it also contains zero sugar and very minimal calories (20 calories) – a perfect blend of functionality and healthiness.

Booster C 5

1. It comes in different flavors.

They come in three flavors: the original, mango-berry, and ice honey calamansi, catered to tickle every tastebud out there.

They also serve different functions: the original provides the usual energy kick; the “Genius” (mango-berry) is perfect for students and workers who need an extra brain boost; and the “Protect” (honey-calamansi) has Zinc and Echinacea to help fight off infections.


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So whether you’re a student with orgwork and academics to balance, a professional with a 9am-5pm schedule, or simply someone who is in need of an additional pump of energy; the Booster C Energy Shot is the perfect shot for you.

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