6 Pretty Things You Can Make with Resin

Article by Francesca Beatrice Sanchez / Photos by Jeanne Dizon

A few months ago, I watched an episode of Family Feud where Steve Harvey gave a clue to guess 8 things people don’t like receiving as gifts. One of the contestants guessed something related to arts and crafts and got a ding, signaling that he was correct. To say that I felt scandalized was an understatement.

“But handmade gifts mean that they’re not just thinking of you,” I argued with the television screen. “It says that they’re willing to dedicate hours, resources and probably blood just to make you something!!” To each his own, I guess.

Nonetheless, I believe that handmade isn’t dead and we are given a wide range of mediums to experiment with. With the holidays coming up, one option we can make gifts with is resin, a clear fluid substance that turns into a solid shape when mixed right with a hardener.

Maartsy Resin Artwork 5 171028

Before starting with the workshop proper, our teacher Ms. Via Pacheco passed around examples of her work. It turns out that with resin, there are 3 techniques you can try.

Maartsy Resin Artwork 11 171028

With glazing, you can do a collage on your bezel and top it off with the resin, protecting the image/artwork underneath.

Maartsy Resin Artwork 13 171028

Maartsy Resin Artwork 16 171028

Imagine an ice cube filled with beads and turned into a necklace. This can be achieved with a technique called embedding. Also, for those who are keen on holding onto something that has sentimental value, but can’t because it has a shelf life… you’ll be surprised to get along with this technique pretty well.

Maartsy Resin Artwork 15 171028

Lastly, those who are obsessed with color can rejoice. Whether you’d like a marbled effect or simply color the whole pendant, you can achieve this with the dyeing technique.

Maartsy Resin Artwork 14 171028

Need ideas on what you can give your family and friends this Christmas? Or would you just like to make something for yourself? We’ve compiled a list of accessories made by the participants of MAARTSY’s Resin Jewelry Making workshop.

6 Pretty Things You Can Make with Resin


Maartsy Resin Artwork 44 171029

Not really an accessory for your body, but if your books were alive, they’d be rejoicing to be decorated with something handmade with love. With this, you can add a bit of color to your textbooks.

5. Earrings

Maartsy Resin Artwork 40 171029

Tassel earrings, make way for resin earrings. Wear your creations with pride with an eye-catching handcrafted pair.

4. Refrigerator Magnets

Maartsy Resin Artwork 41 171029

Pin a note for your mom with a fridge magnet molded from resin. Making one is simple because after casting and letting your resin dry, you’ll only have to glue a magnet onto the back.


Maartsy Resin Artwork 42 171029

I remember one of the participants saying, “I’ll make one para sa liniligawan ng anak ko.” To the guys out there, skip the traditional silver ring. Why not surprise your girlfriend with a ring you made yourself instead?

2. Necklaces

Maartsy Resin Artwork 37 171029

Maartsy Resin Artwork 39 171029

A necklace can brighten up any dreary outfit. However, making your own out of resin doesn’t just scream “I’m fashionable!”, it also gives your look a special touch of your personality.

1. Collars

Maartsy Resin Artwork 43 171029

Be matchy-matchy with your little puppy by making them a collar. Unlike the ones you can buy from a pet store, you can add their names on the tag before topping it off with resin.

Maartsy Resin Artwork 1 171028

Keep an eye out for MAARTSY as they offer workshops from polymer clay crafting to sushi art. Who knows what skill you can learn next (not to mention, you can save a lot just by going handmade this Christmas season!).

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