6 Places Where You Can Get Some of the Best-Tasting Longganisa in Metro Manila

Longganisa is one of the Philippines’ most loved dishes. It can be found almost everywhere in the country, with different provinces having their own version. It can be served de Recado (garlicky), de Hamonado (sweet), or both. We even have a graphic that shows the different varieties of longganisa in the Philippines!

It is served in almost every Filipino household, with families typically having it for breakfast. So if you’re looking for where to get some of the most delicious longganisa in Manila, here are some stores you can order from. These stores offer a variety of longganisa that can be found across the country.

Deli Avenue


laoag longganisa deli avenue

Photo from Deli Avenue

Deli Avenue had its humble beginnings in 1986, selling snacks at the family-owned business, the Fariñas Trans bus terminal, in Sampaloc, Manila. A decade and a half later, they decided to relocate the business to introduce the traditional Ilocano flavors in the metro.

Deli Avenue makes their Laoag Longganisa and Bagas ti Longganisa (Hubad na Longganisa) with ingredients from Ilocos. Their longganisa is made with less fat and premium meat, with no preservatives and no MSG.

Baguio Premium Longganisa


Baguio Premium Longganisa

Photo from Baguio Premium Longganisa

Sandra Gomez thought of sourcing the Baguio Longganisa of Baguio Country Club since it was a family favorite of theirs. In Baguio, they found a good supplier, and they made their own recipe which they further improved. It is their goal to always adhere to their motto, “A taste above the rest.”

Baguio Premium Longganisa decreased their longganisa’s fat content to only 20% to make it leaner, tastier, and healthier. Their recipe contains no preservatives and no extenders. As a brand, it is their wish for everyone to have a full farm-to-table experience, even at the comfort of their own homes.

Suka Ni Taba


Suka Ni Taba longganisa

Photo from Suka Ni Taba

Kris Lu, the owner and founder of Suka Ni Taba, started the business because of her love for Pinoy delicacies. “I know for a fact that Filipinos are always extra, and that can be seen in our way of eating,” she said. “We love dipping our food in different sauces and my personal cup of tea is dipping my ulam in vinegar.” With this, she started selling “Suka Ni Taba” which then expanded to selling “Longanisa ni Taba.” 

Their longganisa products are homemade by families she works with. They make sure that they use no preservatives, so their customers get products that are safe and fresh. Suka Ni Taba chose familiar flavors for its longganisa: sweet and garlic.

Siram: Fine Local Taste

Siram Longganisa

Photo from Siram: Fine Local Taste

Kleo Balares and her family started Siram, an online food business that offers Filipino favorites. Her parents, who were both born and raised in Bicol, are the ones behind their special food products. What started as a hobby turned into a passion when they started cooking and serving these dishes to close friends, relatives, and colleagues in Manila.

Siram takes pride in its Smoked Skinless Longganisa, which their past customers mentioned to taste like Spanish Chorizo. They also offer some garlicky Vigan Longganisa, which has become a favorite among their repeat customers.

Tindahan ni Aling Reyna


Tindahan ni Aling Reyna Longganisa

Photo from Tindahan ni Aling Reyna

Tindahan ni Aling Reyna was started by Katz Rosalina and Celine Reyna in May 2020. They both wanted to bring in food manufactured by our fellow Filipinos, in the provincial areas, to Metro Manila. “Produktong Pilipino para sa Pilipino,” Katz says.

They offer Alaminos Longganisa, Hamonado Longganisa and Parad, which they get from a business based in Alaminos, Pangasinan. With Celine’s family hailing from Dagupan, Pangasinan, they already know where to get delicious products in the province. They are also looking to offer more products soon.

Ricky D’s Chorizo de Cebu


ricky ds longganisa

Photo from Ricky D’s Chorizo de Cebu

In 2014, Ricky Dela Cruz was assigned in Cebu City to handle a local call center. During his two-year stay there, he explored a lot of things, most especially food. He was interested in some of the local Cebuano food like the Cebu Lechon and Chorizo de Cebu. After flying back to Manila, he decided to start selling products from Cebu in Metro Manila.

Ricky D’s started with just Chorizo de Cebu, then everything followed. Now, the brand offers more varieties of longganisa. Ricky D’s now offers Calumpit Bulacan Longganisa, Badoc Ilocos Norte Longganisa, Vigan Longganisa, Lucban Quezon Longganisa, Cabanatuan Longganisa, and Alaminos Longganisa. Ricky also said that he is planning to get more suppliers from different places of the Philippines to cater to kababayans.

What’s your favorite kind of longganisa? Let us know in the comments!

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