6 Modern Things You Didn’t Know Had Filipino Names

Filipino is a beautiful language. It is fluid, diverse, and evolves as needed. As times become modern, so does the Filipino language. Through the process of neologism, or the invention or adapting of words to suit needs, our native tongue has given names to some of the most common modern objects.

6. Hyperlink

noun; a reference to data that the reader can directly follow either by clicking tapping or hovering, such as this one.

Filipino: kawingan

5. Headset

noun; a hybrid of earphones and a microphone, worn around the head

Filipino: pang-ulong hatinig


“Isuot mo na ang iyong pang-ulong hatinig.”

4. Browser

noun; is a software application for retrieving, traversing, and presenting information sources in the World Wide Web

Filipino: panginain

browser icons

“Anong panginain ang iyong madalas gamitin?”

3. Charger

noun; used to restore a battery-empty gadget

Filipino: pantablay

Phone charging with energy bank.

“Naku! Ubos na ang karga ng iPhone ko. Akin na ang pantablay!”

2. Website

noun; a collection of related web pages

Filipino: pook-sapot

1. E-mail

noun; method of exchanging digital messages between computer users

Filipino: sulatroniko

email icon

Have you sent a sulatroniko lately? What’s your favorite Filipino word?

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