7 Truths No One Tells You About Having Acne

They say beauty is only skin-deep, and what’s important is your character. This is true, of course. But when you have acne, your version of truths become a little different. Here are some realizations I had from my years of suffering from this ridiculous skin disease.

7. You’ll avoid looking in the mirror

Most of your days will be spent dodging glances in the mirror. You’d rather not see how you look than feel bad about yourself. Outta sight, outta mind.


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6. Make-up is your best friend and also your worst enemy

There will be days you’d wish you’ve mastered the art of the concealers, because make-up really really helps. But the confidence boost from covering your face with layers of concealer and foundation is short-lived. Once you take it off, the acne is still there. And if you use the wrong kind of make-up, you’ll end up with a nastier infection.

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5. You’ll dread using front cameras

Turning on your front cams and seeing your face can ruin even an excellent day for someone who has acne. The mottled mask that had replaced your face looks even ugh when viewed from the front cam. In other words, selfies and close-ups are out of the question.

Paano magselfie (8)

When you’re emo because of acne, you wouldn’t take a selfie

4. You’ll be desperate for some miracle cure

After making your condition even worse from jumping on one product to the next, you’ll realize there is no such thing.

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