6 Local Candle Shops to Check for Gifts for Your Candle-Obsessed Friends

We know that a lot of us got pulled into the trend of collecting all kinds of scented candles over the past year. It wasn’t such a surprise that scented candles were one of the big things during the many lockdowns since they were such an easy way to make the home as cozy and relaxing as possible.

If you’ve got friends who love to collect scented candles (and I’m sure you do), you might want to check out these local shops for new scented candles to give out for the holidays:

6. Sunny Label

sunny label1

Photo from Sunny Label

These pretty scented candles will instantly brighten up your friend’s day because it comes in the cutest hand-painted pots! The candles are made with raw soy wax and infused with natural oils. The bright and citrusy scents feel extra energizing and will be positively addicting. All of Sunny Label’s products are also made from locally and ethically-sourced materials, making sure that just as their products bring you joy, so do they also keep the earth happy.

Order these cute candles through their social media platforms or through their website: www.sunny.ph

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5. WeBake Candle

webake candle

Photo from WeBake Candle

If you’d love to give something that will instantly grab anyone’s attention, check out the scented candles from WeBake Candle. They specialize in creating candles that look like mouthwatering desserts! From French macarons, cute croissants, to your favorite ice-blended coffee drinks, they’ve got a wide variety of dessert-inspired scented candles. Each one looks good enough to eat, and it is guaranteed to make your space smell like your very own bakery.

Order these cute candles through their social media platforms or through Shopee.

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4. Kutitap MNL

kutitap mnl 04041

Photo by Vivien del Valle-Borres

Is your friend a certified Disney fan? They’ll definitely love the scented candles from Kutitap MNL. They offer a variety of Disney-inspired candles that smell so refreshing. There’s even a whole collection of scented candles inspired by Disney Villains—so highly recommended.

Order these Disney-inspired candles through social media or through Shopee.

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3. Firebolt

firebolt scented candles 04787

Photo by Vivien del Valle-Borres

These literature-inspired scented candles smell and feel exactly like cozying up with your favorite book on a rainy day. The scents are inspired by seasons and by classic literature icons such as Dickens, Hemingway, and Brontë.

If your friends are certified bookworms, they’ll also appreciate the other literary-inspired items in their catalog such as tote bags, enamel pins, and loose leaf teas.

Order these cozy candles through their social media and their website at: www.firebolt.ph

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2. L’élément

lelement mnl 04316

The elegant scented candles from L’élément come in minimalist glass and ceramic jars that instantly adds style to any space. Their candles are also on the more affordable side, but it doesn’t affect the excellent quality of their products! There’s also a wide variety of scents available, so you can choose which one would be best for your BFFs.

You can also get room sprays, massage oils, and sanitizers that smell divine.

Order these elegant candles through their social media pages.

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1. Zolah

Zolah Candles Netflix Shows 2

Photo from Zolah Philippines

This local store offers amazing scented candles inspired by your favorite Netflix shows! This is the perfect gift for candle-lovers who love to binge-watch whenever they can. So far, Zolah has released scented candles inspired by Crash Landing On YouBridgertonFRIENDS, and even Squid Game!

These candles will definitely make binge-watching even more immersive thanks to the amazing scents.

Order these show-inspired candles through social media or through Shopee.

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Which local candle store are you checking out for the holidays? Share it with us!

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