LOOK: This Store Offers Home and Body Essentials That Will Relax You After a Long Day

It’s always nice to have a relaxing space to come back to after a long workday. Since we’re mostly working from home nowadays, it’s important to keep your space as relaxing as possible. Sometimes, all it takes is a few products to turn your home office into an instant sanctuary. If you’re looking for items that will help get you relaxed at home, we’ve got an online shop for you.

L’élément MNL (pronounced “LEE-li-moh”) is an online boutique that offers home decor and body essentials. It was established way back in 2018 by two women who both love home decor and body essentials. But because commercially sold items were quite expensive, they decided to just create their own products and make them more affordable. So, L’élément was born.

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They have a variety of products for both the home and the body.

Their scented candles are made out of beeswax and feature a wooden wick. You can choose from the glass jar candles, which are extra elegant with the curved edge and minimalist design; and the tin can candles for a more classic look. We just love the wide variety of scents to choose from—a total of 18 scents!

Their scented candles range from 100 to 300 pesos only! With the quality of their products plus the wide variety of scents to choose from, this is definitely a steal.

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It’s actually highly effective in making your space smell amazing. You won’t even have to light it up to enjoy its aroma. Just leave it out in the open and you’ll be able to smell it from far away. That’s how excellent and first-rate these candles are.

Aside from scented candles, they also have room and linen spray that I literally cannot stop using. If you want your room to smell like a hotel, this is the easiest and most efficient way to do it. The spray also comes in 18 different scents!

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This is also a great way to enjoy fabulous aromas in your space without having to worry about fire in your vicinity. Just spray a few times and you’re instantly transported to a five-star hotel. For only 300 pesos for a 250 mL bottle, this room spray will last you a long time at such a low price.

Of course, all of these ambient candles and scented sprays won’t help as much unless your body receives some tender loving care. L’élément also offers body essentials that will give you all the self-care you need after all of the stressful things happening around us.

They’ve got a coffee face and body scrub to help you get rid of all those toxins from your skin at only 350 pesos per can, plus a clay oil mask for an additional skincare routine step on the weekends. There are also natural healing oils and massage oils for that extra love for your body.

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To keep your body clean at all times (a must these days), you can also get naturally-made soap bars or alcohol and hand sanitizers! And if you want the cleansing to start from within, you can check out L’élément’s detox tea sets.

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Aside from their wide variety of products and affordable prices, another thing that we love about L’élément is how they make sure to use only locally sourced ingredients for their products. Pinky Felix, the now sole owner of L’élément, shares that it was their goal to buy supplies from local suppliers to help small businesses as well. So, when you buy from L’élément, you’re not just buying from one business but a huge circle of other small businesses!


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We are instant fans of L’élément because of their support for other businesses, and their addicting high-quality products (we just want to get everything!) that won’t even burn a hole in our wallets.

Felix also revealed that they accept resellers and rebranding requests in order to help other individuals start their own businesses and generate income. If L’élément isn’t such a great example of businesses supporting other businesses, I don’t know what is!

If you’re planning to treat yourself to a shopping spree for trinkets soon, we’d recommend shopping from L’élément.



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