Sunny Label: These Soy Scented Candles Come in Pretty Hand-Painted Pots!

You may think that scented candles are best used only during the night, perfect for setting the mood right before bedtime. Well, we’re happy to share with you these scented candles that will instantly lift up your spirits in the morning—not just because of the amazing scents, but because of how pretty it looks!

Sunny Label is a curated lifestyle shop that was started by Yza Tolentino to inspire other people to “live a sunny life.” Their products include soy candles, kombucha, and flower wreaths.

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Photo from Sunny Label

Yza shares with that Sunny Label started when she learned about the Japanese concept “Ikigai”, which is the reason why you’re waking up in the morning, what keeps you going and what you live for. For Yza, it’s her “ insatiable passion for creating things and making life better.” And just one look at Sunny Label’s product line and instantly you’ll understand the philosophy of the brand.

Sunny Label’s products are all handmade. The scented candles, in particular, are made with raw soy wax and infused with natural oils. They also come in pretty handpainted pots that will instantly brighten up any space you put them in.

sunny label2

Photo from Sunny Label

The handpainted pots depict which particular scent you’re getting. For example, if you got the Moonrise Soy Candle (bluebell & persimmon), you’ll see a cute painting of the moon above the mountains painted on the sides of your candle.

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What I love most about the scented candles (aside from how uplifting they look) is the actual scent. It’s bright, pleasing to the senses, and not at all overwhelming. Don’t get me wrong, its scent may be subtle but it can instantly fill the room.

sunny label1

Photo from Sunny Label

Sunny Label’s scented candles usually come in citrusy and floral fragrances such as English pear & freesia, peony & blush suede, and mimosa & cardamom, to name just a few. 

All of Sunny Label’s products are also made from locally and ethically-sourced materials, making sure that just as their products bring you joy, so do they also keep the earth happy.

Sunny Label’s scented candles start at PHP 300 (mini candles).

Sunny Label