5 Ways To Make Your Makeup Last Longer

5. Stay oil-free.


Contrary to popular belief, having an oily skin type is not all bad. It does have certain benefits, such as having skin that is much less likely to age because your complexion is technically always moisturized. Sadly, having makeup that stays on isn’t one of them. Excess grease can melt away your makeup much faster. Find a mattifying primer, and go for a long-wear foundation.

4. Retouch with a sponge, not with a powder brush

Kylie Jenner beauty blender

Even as you’re trying to retouch your makeup that’s faded halfway through your day, you might be brushing it off even more with a powder brush. Instead, reach for a sponge like the Beautyblender that lets you pat instead of brushing or rubbing on your face, which interrupts your makeup far less.

3. Get into baking — your makeup, that is.

baking makeup cosmetics

A cosmetic secret employed by drag queens for years, the popular Kim Kardashian trick is catching on among makeup junkies, and with good reason. Not only does “baking” leave you with a flawless, pore-free finish, it sets your foundation and concealer, essentially letting them last longer.

2. Fill in your lips


Filling in your lips is the best thing you can do for your puckers. Especially if you’re sporting bold colors such as a bright red, this prevents your lipstick from “bleeding” —that is, when the color slips into the lines around the lips. Filling in also helps the color pop out more and stay more intact. Look for a lip liner with the closest shade to your lipstick.

1. Invest in makeup primer (optional: setting spray)

If you don’t own a makeup primer, you really should — aside from keeping your makeup flawless and protecting your pores from getting clogged, it really helps makeup last much longer. If you find yourself in situations where you absolutely have to keep your makeup long-wearing (like an all-day event or a nighttime affair), you can also go for setting spray as an add-on.

What are your other tips for long-lasting makeup? Let us know!


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