5 Ways to Bring the Family Closer Together at Home

“It’s good to be home.”How many times have you told yourself that after a long day in the office and in traffic? Nothing beats kicking off your shoes and being surrounded by the people you love as you sit back, relax, and watch your favorite shows and movies together. So, let’s think of ways you can spend more time at home bonding with your family, starting with these five film and TV-themed activities!

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5 Ways to Bring the Family Closer Together at Home

5. Bring back old-school games like charades.

Play charades with your family using movies and TV shows as themes! Practice your acting skills by re-enacting some of the family’s favorite scenes in Transformers or Lord of the Rings. Add a bit of flavor to the game by changing genres, themes, and rules to make things more interesting.

4. Surprise your family.

You can decorate the kids’ rooms in theme with posters, action figures and drawings as if they were in their favorite movie, like Shrek, Happy Feet, Kung Fu Panda, or How to Train Your Dragon. Or place action figures like Iron Man or Spock on bedside tables or bookshelves. You can even go as far as cooking the family dinner based on that meal you guys saw in a movie you watched together! A little thoughtfulness with a hint of creativity can go a long way and put a smile on the people who matter most.

3. Play catch up.

Show and tell time! Talk about your favorite movies and TV shows with members of your family and even your friends. Recommend what you believe to be good sources of entertainment and knowledge, then inquire about their favorite movies and shows, as well. The people closest to you always give the best advice. By watching the same types of shows, you could share each other’s opinions on the matters tackled by entertainment.

2. Plan your staycation activities.

Make a list of each person’s favorite movies and TV series, so that you can use them as reference for surprises and common interests. It also enables you to plan staycation movie dates and marathon shows together! All 10 seasons of FRIENDS next long weekend? Yes, please!

1. Let entertainment come to you.

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With the coming rainy season, people are more likely to spend a lot of their time at home anyway. Get cozy in the company of your family for some binge-watching of your favorite TV shows and movies. A great way to do this is by signing up for iflix, which has the biggest selection of video-on-demand in the country. And it’s available to PLDT HOME and Smart subscribers for only P99 a month!

Head to pldthome.iflix.com now to sign up for a complimentary 30-day trial, and you will be amazed by all the titles they offer. We hear they have even more coming soon! You’ll also love that each iflix account can actually be accessed from up to five devices—the perfect way to get everyone in the family to watch what they want.

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