5 Veggie Burgers to Try in Metro Manila

Health is definitely wealth these days, and so it is even more crucial to carefully consider what we eat every day. That’s why many of our favorite restaurants have decided to create plant-based versions of our go-to comfort foods to make them more guilt-free.

If you’re also looking for an alternative to your favorite food, these veggie burgers are great options. These might just even push you towards a vegetarian lifestyle!

Here are some delicious veggie burgers you can try right here in Metro Manila:

Fowl Bread’s Scam Chicken Sandwich

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If you’re not into veggies, this “chicken” sandwich is a great way to fool yourself into eating healthier. It’s patterned after Fowl Burger’s Fried Chicken Sandwich, but they’ve replaced the chicken with a crispy block of tofu. Even their iconic “chicken skin” is made out of tofu!

This one isn’t vegan, though! But still, it’s a meat-free crispy sandwich; definitely worth a try.

Try it at: Fowl Bread, Bonifacio High Street

Follow them on social media: @fowlbread

Shakey’s The Goood Burger

Featuring a plant-based patty made with soy proteins and manufactured by unMeat, the first vegan meat alternative brand in the Philippines, this burger is seasoned with selected spices to enhance the fullness of flavor and aroma of a beef-flavored patty while being 100% meat-free.

Try it at: Shakey’s

Follow them on social media: @shakeysph

The Sexy Kitchen by B‘s Beyond Burgers

Created by the minds that pioneered the plant-based samgyupsal set, this veggie burger is definitely worth the try! Featuring Beyond Meat burger patties, these burgers also have your choice of either “MyCheese Pimiento” or “My Jack Daniels’ sauce” with a delicious pretzel bun.

Try it at: The Sexy Kitchen by B

Follow them on social media: @thesexykitchenbyb

Burger King’s Plant-Based Whopper

The Plant-based Whopper features a meatless patty made with soy proteins. Made in partnership with Australia’s #1 plant-based company V2Food, the patty still retains a smoky, flame-grilled flavor, just like Burger King’s signature Whopper patty.

Try it at: Burger King

Follow them on social media: @burgerkingph

Shake Shack’s Shroom Burger

It features a deep-fried Portobello mushroom patty that’s positively oozing with cheese once you take a bite! It’s even got the usual soft buns, lettuce, and tomato trimmings, along with the classic Shack Sauce that every Shake Shack fan knows and loves.

If these veggie burgers won’t entice you to try plant-based alternatives, we don’t know what will!

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Featured photos from Fowlbread and Shake Shack.

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