We Took On The #DontTasteTheDifference Plant-Based Whopper® Challenge; Here’s What We Found

We compared the Plant-Based Whopper® vs. the original Whopper®, and the results are in!

Burger King Plant Based Whopper Article

With every New Year comes the firm resolve to be better, healthier. So imagine our delight when we first heard that Burger King® now has a 2-for-P150 #DontTasteTheDifference Plant-Based Whopper® Promo, and they’re challenging us to see if there’s any difference! Our first thought was: Really?! A burger that tastes just like beef, but is made of plants can exist? Perhaps this is something we should see for ourselves. Good thing each box comes with 1 Plant-Based Whopper® Jr. and 1 Whopper® Jr., so we can put both burgers side by side.

Burger King Plant Based Whopper 4

Burger King Whopper®

Burger King Plant Based Whopper

One bite, and you just know. Beef patty flame-grilled to perfection. Layers of veggies. Fragrant sesame seeds buns. It’s familiarly good.

Burger King Plant-Based Whopper®

Burger King Plant Based Whopper 2

Now, on to THE Plant-Based Whopper®! Dundundundun…………

We have looked forward to the day when fast-food will offer plant-based alternatives here in the Philippines, and when the day we finally get to try Burger King’s Plant-Based Whopper® has arrived, we couldn’t contain our excitement! We wanted to get our hands on it fast.

After blessing our tastebuds with the delicious classic Whopper® Jr., we put the Plant-Based Whopper® Jr. to the test:

  • Appearance = Looks exactly the same
  • Texture = Plant-Based Whopper® is a bit smoother than the Whopper®

Burger King’s take on this non-meat option did not taste like other vegetarian options we’ve tried locally. Surprisingly, it looks, feels, and tastes just like meat! Bonus is the Plant-Based Whopper® has the same flame-grilled taste of the original Whopper® we’ve come to know and love. You can hardly tell you’re munching on a plant-based burger after several bites. It’s equally filling as we were full after only eating half!

Our verdict: We truly DON’T taste the difference! The patty has a smoky flavor that differentiates it from other burgers of its kind, and it works together with the other ingredients for a truly tasty dish.

And the best part? It’s made from plants so it’s a healthier option.

2-for-150 Plant-Based Whopper Jr. ® Promo

Burger King Plant Based Whopper 3

Don’t just take our word for it. Find out for yourself! Head on over to Burger King® and take on the Plant-Based Whopper® Challenge! Avail of their ongoing 2-for-P150 Promo until January 31, 2021 and #DontTasteTheDifference!

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