We Took On The #DontTasteTheDifference Plant-Based Whopper® Challenge; Here’s What We Found

We compared the Plant-Based Whopper® vs. the original Whopper®, and the results are in!

With every New Year comes the firm resolve to be better, healthier. So imagine our delight when we first heard that Burger King® now has a 2-for-P150 #DontTasteTheDifference Plant-Based Whopper® Promo, and they’re challenging us to see if there’s any difference! Our first thought was: Really?! A burger that tastes just like beef, but is made of plants can exist? Perhaps this is something we should see for ourselves. Good thing each box comes with 1 Plant-Based Whopper® Jr. and 1 Whopper® Jr., so we can put both burgers side by side.

Burger King Whopper®

One bite, and you just know. Beef patty flame-grilled to perfection. Layers of veggies. Fragrant sesame seeds buns. It’s familiarly good.

Burger King Plant-Based Whopper®

Now, on to THE Plant-Based Whopper®! Dundundundun…………

We have looked forward to the day when fast-food will offer plant-based alternatives here in the Philippines, and when the day we finally get to try Burger King’s Plant-Based Whopper® has arrived, we couldn’t contain our excitement! We wanted to get our hands on it fast.

After blessing our tastebuds with the delicious classic Whopper® Jr., we put the Plant-Based Whopper® Jr. to the test:

  • Appearance = Looks exactly the same
  • Texture = Plant-Based Whopper® is a bit smoother than the Whopper®

Burger King’s take on this non-meat option did not taste like other vegetarian options we’ve tried locally. Surprisingly, it looks, feels, and tastes just like meat! Bonus is the Plant-Based Whopper® has the same flame-grilled taste of the original Whopper® we’ve come to know and love. You can hardly tell you’re munching on a plant-based burger after several bites. It’s equally filling as we were full after only eating half!

Our verdict: We truly DON’T taste the difference! The patty has a smoky flavor that differentiates it from other burgers of its kind, and it works together with the other ingredients for a truly tasty dish.

And the best part? It’s made from plants so it’s a healthier option.

2-for-150 Plant-Based Whopper Jr. ® Promo

Don’t just take our word for it. Find out for yourself! Head on over to Burger King® and take on the Plant-Based Whopper® Challenge! Avail of their ongoing 2-for-P150 Promo until January 31, 2021 and #DontTasteTheDifference!

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