Shakey’s New Burgers Are Both So Goood and So Baaad—Here’s Why!

When it comes to comfort food, two things instantly come to mind: pizza and burgers. If you’ve got a hankering for both, look no further because beloved pizza parlor and casual dining restaurant Shakey’s Philippines just added not one but two unique burgers to the menu!

Introducing The Goood and The Baaad Burgers—two new products that will answer any kind of craving you have, whether it’s for a guiltless snack or the “sinful” alternative.

shakeys burger 1

The Goood Burger is Shakey’s Philippines’ answer for vegetarians, non-beef eaters, or those who simply seek the healthier choice. Featuring a plant-based patty made with soy proteins and manufactured by unMeat, the first vegan meat alternative brand in the Philippines, this burger is seasoned with selected spices to enhance the fullness of flavor and aroma of a beef-flavored patty while being 100% meat-free. It also has tomato, cucumber, white onion, pickles, vegan thousand island dressing, and ketchup, all held together by a potato bun. It’s a great source of fiber and is low in cholesterol too!

Want to skip the carbs but still get all that yummy goodness? Opt for The Goood Goood Burger, which switches out the bread bun for a fresh lettuce wrap.

Here’s some exciting news, though: Shakey’s Philippines is currently developing a special bun that’s completely free of animal products to truly make The Goood Burger the healthiest comfort food you can have. “The need for a healthier type of eating is just growing its popularity very recently. This innovation is a good first step in weaning people off of meat products,” shared Shakey’s President and CEO, Mr. Vic Gregorio.

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Of course, Shakey’s Philippines has something for the meat-lovers too. The deliciously meat-ful Baaad Burger offers a juicy quarter-pound Angus beef blend patty, spiced and seasoned to achieve that mouthwatering umami flavor. It comes with two slices of slightly melted cheese, classic thousand island dressing, ketchup, fresh lettuce, tomato, cucumber, white onion, and pickles in between a potato bun toasted in margarine. Yup, this hefty burger is just as indulgent as it sounds!

Don’t be afraid to make it even meatier and try the Baaad Baaad Burger! This devilishly meaty delight has two Angus beef patties, two slices of cheese, and double the bacon. What’s not to love?

shakeys burger 3 watermark

The Goood and the Baaad Burgers can be ordered for Dine-in, Carryout, and Delivery for PHP 185 Ala Carte. You may opt for enjoy it with fries for PHP 220, or a complete meal with fries and soda for PHP 270. Order online thru or thru FB Messenger. You may also call 7777-7777 or #77-777 toll-free for Globe & TM. ​

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