5 Tips on How to Achieve the Flawless Look of K-Pop Group Seventeen

K-Pop group Seventeen recently visited Manila again for their second concert and their first ever The Saem Fan Signing Event here. The boys danced to The Saem’s Harakeke dance and had a fan signing and hi-touch event with their fans.

We also learned a lot about their skincare routine and their go-to The Saem products. If you want to achieve flawless skin like these guys, read on.

5 Tips on How to Achieve the Flawless Look of K-Pop Group Seventeen

5. Find your signature scent.

Seventeen has a perfume line at The Saem with lots of scents to choose from! Hoshi shared that they tested the perfumes themselves and they hope that the fans will love them as much as they do.

The Saem X Seventeen Fan Signing-5

Vernon admits that all of the perfumes smell good, but he still personally thinks that his scent is the best one. He suggests choosing your favorite member’s scent, though, so that when you spray it on, it’ll smell like them.

The Saem X Seventeen Fan Signing-2

4. Always remove your makeup at the end of the day.

It is really important to remove your makeup after a long day, especially if you wear makeup everyday. A busy schedule is not an excuse; a good skincare routine is a must.

Mingyu shares that they make sure to remove their makeup as soon as it is no longer needed, so that they can avoid clogging their pores.

The Saem X Seventeen Fan Signing-19

3. Apply moisturizing cream.

Apparently, applying moisturizing cream is really important to hydrate your skin. Plus, it will make your makeup look even better.

The Saem X Seventeen Fan Signing 15

When Seventeen was asked what their overall The Saem go-to product is, Mingyu said it was the moisturizing cream. No wonder his skin always looks so hydrated and moisturized.

2. Use face masks the night before you use makeup.

Since face masks are really popular here in the Philippines, Seventeen members were asked about it. Joshua shared that he actually uses face masks the night before a concert, so that his skin looks better and will be able to absorb makeup more, in turn making the makeup last longer than usual.

The Saem X Seventeen Fan Signing-1

1. Follow a good skincare routine.

Even though skincare products aren’t always budget-friendly and following a strict skincare routine can take some time, I swear it will be worth it.

Seungkwan is apparently the member who uses skincare products the most and just look at his skin, guys; it’s so clear and flawless!

The Saem X Seventeen Fan Signing-14

What do you do to try and achieve flawless skin?

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