5 Tips from the Caleon Twins on Creating Unique musical.ly Videos

The Caleon Twins Madeleine and Samantha Caleon, who have been in the musical.ly scene for over a year now (and who have 1.83 million followers to show for it), were recently in Manila to meet their fans, go on school tours and, of course, share some tips on how to best enjoy the musical.ly app.

Caleon Twins musically

Here are 5 tips that they have on creating unique musical.ly videos:

5 Tips on Creating Unique musical.ly Videos

5. Use good lighting.

Madeleine says it helps to have really good lighting. “If you don’t have studio lights, you can just stand in front of a window or stand outside to get ample lighting for your musical.ly video.”

4. Practice makes perfect.

If you’re recording this for the first time and aren’t sure of your hand gestures, it might be hard to improvise on the spot. “So, practice first before filming,” says Samantha, “both your hand gestures and facial impressions.”

3. Use hashtags.

The Caleon twins also have a helpful tip when it comes to hashtags: “musical.ly tends to feature videos under trending hashtags or under different campaigns, people look for trending topics and when they click the hashtag, your video will pop up there. It’s good to ride onto trending hashtags so more people can see your creation.”

2. Be active in the musical.ly community.

If you want to build a network on musical.ly, Samantha suggests making new friends by commenting and liking posts of other people. “It’s a great way of meeting new people and building your network,” she raves. Madeleine adds, “You can also do duets with fellow musers and do a collaboration of some sort. Not only will you get your profile out there, but you’ll also build a musical.ly network.”

1. Consistency is key.

“It’s very important to keep posting your musical.ly videos since your followers want to see more everyday. They actually wait for updates so if you don’t update it regularly, they might start to lose interest,” reminds Madeleine.

Do you use musical.ly? Got any tips to add? We’d love to hear them! 🙂

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