WATCH: Hilarious Video of Different Personalities of Will Make You Laugh Out Loud!

Call me #manangofManila but I just recently found out about the app, I learned it from my two older children and it’s quite addicting. Basically, is an app that lets you create awesome videos of you lip-synching your favorite song! It’s like Dubsmash but the difference between the two is, the lets you record the videos longer.

Truthfully, many youngsters are being addicted to it and could really pull off fascinating videos!

Sammie Rimando

Sammie Rimando is one of the popular “musers” (a term coined for users). She was discovered through the app and was also invited to different TV Shows like ABS-CBN’s ASAP. Apart from her, the child actress Andrea Brilliantes’ videos are also enticing!

Andrea Brilliantes

However, since Filipinos are creative by nature, a video was shared by Jonathan DelaCruz Jr. in Facebook was undoubtedly hilarious! Jonathan pokes fun on different personalities of the people using the app. He categorized them as:

  • The Normal
  • The Abnormal
  • The No Move
  • The Beast Mode
  • The “Tanga” Mode
  • The “Tinatakpan”
  • The “Ngiwe”
  • The “Nakita Ni Nanay”
  • The “Nakalimutan”
  • The Public
  • The Dancer
  • The Papogi
  • The (infamous) Pabebe
  • The Cap
  • The “Pormalin” – “porma” is a Filipino term for fashionistas
  • The “Boobsiecally” – shows their cleavage
  • The “Susocally” – these are the musers who show too much of skin

In fairness, the video made me laugh out loud. And, my favorite personality is the “Ngiwe” and the “nakita ni Nanay.” Watch the hilarious video below:

Can you relate? What personality made you laugh so hard?


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