5 Things You Must Constantly Choose to Realize a Happier You

Words by Sophia Teaño / Photos by Jeanne Dizon

The idea of what happiness is has been so romanticized and idealized that it’s hard to recognize what it actually is. People look for it as if it is something that we can stumble upon or someone wrapped and labeled as our “other half”.

The good news is that it’s not as far away as we think it might be. For the second time, Integrality held “The Power of Positivity”, a program that inspires people to think well, feel well, and do well. Here are some realizations from the conference, showing how palpable a happier you actually is.

wall of positivity writing“Wall of Positivity”. People were asked to identify something that made them happy that day.

 5 Things You Must Constantly Choose to Realize a Happier You

5. Your escape from the achievement trap

More often than not, we find ourselves chasing the idea of tangible success. It can be seen on paper, maybe as an award or a higher value on our paychecks. What people don’t tell us, though, is that this idea of success can get addictive. Promotion after promotion. Award after award. Once we acquire one thing, we aspire for the next.

power of positivity activity

Although success isn’t a bad thing, the obsession an individual can develop for it can become destructive. The problem with allowing ourselves to get carried away with the cycle of chasing our goals is that we can lose ourselves by working so hard for the things we desire.

4. Your strengths

We are our own worst critics. Being with ourselves all the time, we can’t help but notice the littlest details, including our flaws. The problem is: we can get fixated on them because we always compare what we have to what others have instead of looking at what we have and how they contribute to us as a whole. What we must realize is that we also possess a set of strengths despite our imperfections.

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power of positivityVarious activities were prepared for the participants.

3. Your “why”

What is your why? Choosing to be the person we ought to become—looking for our purpose—is what pieces us together. Why do we pursue what we do? Why do we work so hard for it? What do we want to get of our efforts? Constantly looking for the answer makes sense of our endeavors which in turn helps us become the best versions of ourselves. This self-actualization allows us to find meaning in our lives beyond simple survival.

2. Your acceptance of vulnerability

While we know that humans are imperfect, we still tend to hide those imperfections. In instances where we encounter elements out of our control and reach our limits, we come to face reality: that there are things that can’t go our way. Accepting our vulnerability and embracing our imperfections gives us inner peace. Through embracing ourselves completely, including the parts we don’t consider beautiful, we come to realize that we are valuable despite our imperfections.

integrality power of positivity ladiesThe speakers for the forum with the president of Integrality, Dr. Cristine Atienza, in front.

1. Yourself

In the end, it starts with ourselves. The world will keep moving and it won’t stop for us. We have to look out for ourselves and keep up with what life throws at us. We must constantly choose ourselves—as the person to love, to care for, to work on—and eventually, to realize what happiness means to us.

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power of positive psychology interview pessimist

Nay Belen positivity smileParticipants shared their insights and reflections.
Nanay Belen (pictured above), a teacher and guidance counselor, said that  the talk on vulnerability moved her.

Happiness is a process more than a goal. It is the sum of constant work and choices. The Power of Positivity explores positive psychology on an extensive level. It presents studies backed by science as well as accounts of people who utilized positivity to improve lives. Integrality provides tips and activities that help an individual realize how to live a more positive life. It discusses not only how to work on personal happiness, but how to let it radiate and motivate others.

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The Power of Positivity 2017 was held by Integrality last July 29, 2017.


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