8 Signs You are Seriously Unhappy and what You can do About it this Year (this Week!)

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We’re halfway through 2017, and you’re probably having the time of your life. No? Did you click on this article because you’re feeling down in the dumps, or are you checking for a friend who’s been crying buckets for things you can’t even understand?

Here are 8 signs you—or your friend—are hurting, and why you need to attend the “You Can Be Happy Again” 2017 Seminar to help you get back on track for your best year ever.

8. You’ve transformed into a “Nega”tron.

Do you often complain about the littlest things, use curse words a lot, or say “I hate” to begin or end your sentences? You may seem like you’re just joking, but words come from thoughts, and thoughts come from feelings. This may be a sign that your emotional bank account has been drained, and you’re overdue for a huge dose of positivity.

7. Your “ships” are sinking.

Friendships, relationships, partnerships, fellowships—are your “ships” still chugging its course, or are you struggling to keep things afloat?  We are naturally social beings, and troubled relationships can only inflict sadness.  Not only are you hurting others, but injuring your heart too.

6. You have a litany of negative self-talk.

Do you find yourself “hating” your life, or comparing yourself to others and secretly hating them in return? Have you lost interest in aspects that used to be important to you—friends, hobbies, or your job, which used to be your dream? You could be burned out, or generally disconnected from your inner self.

5. You avoid any or new experiences.

Do you wake up in the morning thinking what excuse you can use to skip work or find yourself bailing out of social invitations because you have better things to do—but really, do you have anything else to do?  This may be a sign that you’re drawing yourself away from other people, no longer finding joy in interacting with others.

4. You can’t seem to recharge your body.

You sleep for hours, you eat that extra rice, that chocolate bar that supposedly will perk you up, and get yourself a massage while you’re at it, yet you still feel fatigued. Something is definitely bogging you down, and it’s not necessarily an angry ghost sitting on your shoulder.

3. You constantly seek pleasure in other things.

Shopping, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, or maybe even food, do you find yourself reaching out for any of these every time you needed to calm your nerves, or deal with a bad day? This is a sign that you’re subconsciously trying to deal with emptiness.

2. You can barely imagine a good future for yourself.

Do you answer “nothing” when asked what would you do if you were granted a perfect day?  Can you imagine what you look like, where you would be, and who you’d be with if you had a perfect life?  If not, this is a painful sign that you’ve lost your sense of self, and become callous to the joys life has to offer, big or small.

1. Your internal GPS is broken.

Do you think everything is your fault, and yet everything is spinning out of your control? Have you stopped believing in a higher power—God, or whichever your religion you used to have faith in? Do you feel hopeless about yourself, or about your situation not knowing what to do to make things better?


If you’re experiencing any of these 8 signs, know that 8 is a lucky number.  If you didn’t even chuckle at that joke, know that no matter who you are, where you’re from, and what you did, you can be happy again, and you’re duly encouraged to join the “YOU CAN BE HAPPY AGAIN” 2017 SEMINAR by Author and NLP Life Coach Edwin Soriano.

Through this whole-day seminar, you will benefit from 4 life coaching sessions, which aim to help you create lasting transformations in your life.  You will be guided through experiences that will give you new perspectives, and help you discover new options, all in all, working towards a refreshed and better version of yourself.

The “You Can Be Happy Again” 2017 Seminar will be held on June 10, Saturday, 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM at the Berjaya Makati Hotel 7835 Makati Avenue corner Eduque Street (near A.Venue and Century City Mall.) Slots are limited, so register, and get your tickets now at https://etickets.ph/#/event/562. Each ticket sells at P4,975 and is good for two seats. This means you can bring a friend with you, at no extra cost.

It’s time you stop the pain, start thinking, and find yourself again.

Be empowered to once again #FindYourHappy2017.


Coach Edwin Soriano is the founder of Winning Coaching, helping clients create a better version of themselves through NLP Life Coaching.  He is an inspirational speaker and has authored the book “You Can Be Happy Again.”  Find more information on NLP Life Coach Edwin Soriano at https://www.edwinsoriano.com

For More info on the “You Can Be Happy Again” Book and Seminar Series, click on this link https://www.youcanbehappyagain.com


 Winning Coaching aims to help clients overcome fears, relieve stress, and claim happiness through NLP Coaching. Services are extended not only to private individuals but also for teens, couples, leaders of companies or organizations and business owners.

You can find more information about Winning Coaching and its services at https://www.winningcoaching.net

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