5 Things to Look for That Makes a Workplace Great

Whether you are a young professional striving to thrive in your career or a fresh graduate looking to have a meaningful first job, it is essential to find a workplace that lets you grow as an individual and as a professional — one that does not limit your potential.

To inspire you to find that job you will love, we asked for some pieces of advice from an employer who knows how to do it.

5. Collaboration adds up to the fun.


Isn’t it fun to work with different people? And it’s even more fun when your physical workspace allows it! Work spaces are very important in promoting collaboration. Whether it is in the form of flexible meeting areas, new technology or inspiring artwork displays, your work space is important in promoting creativity and productivity at the same time.

For sure, you don’t just want to be boxed in that little cubicle of yours all the time, right?

4. Work in a place that lets you be you.

Doesn’t it feel great to wake up in the morning knowing you’re working in a company that treats you well? Find a workplace whose values are the same as yours and you will always feel good about what you do.

For example, Capital One Philippines Support Services Corp. sees to it that its corporate values of excellence and doing the right thing are woven into the way its associates serve its customers and work with its community partners. Who doesn’t want to excel and do the right thing at the same time?

3. Choose a company who you can grow with.


Look for a workplace that has a learning and development curriculum in place and has a career roadmap set for you. It is not enough to just collect your paycheck every month. You must also be constantly growing as an individual and as a professional in whatever field you’re interested in.

2. Find an employer that cares for your overall well-being.

Promoting individual well-being and happiness in the workplace is a major thrust of a great company. It can be in the form of an inclusive culture, a fun and safe work environment, or programs that foster health and fitness, as well as career and personal growth.

For example, commuting is a major problem for most workers but with a company benefit like free shuttle services to and from work, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Capital One Philippines not only provides associates with free rides in selected locations in Cavite, Laguna and Las Pinas, it also has security outposts in identified areas prone to petty crime. Safety? Check!

Going to the gym doesn’t have to cost anything at all if you work for a company that has its own fitness center and bonding with your workmates after work hours won’t be impossible if you have in-house gaming stations! Facilities like a fully-equipped pantry with snacks and beverages, a diner with healthy meal options, a meditation and nursing room, and massage chairs also spell out F-U-N in the workplace in different ways.

Aside from safety and fun, learning while working is also important. Find an employer who offers training programs, seminars, or workshops not only about your business, but also about how you can be a better version of yourself. It can be a learning session about financial literacy, food and nutrition, or even about relationships!

1. It makes you part of something larger than yourself.

Are you the type who likes to volunteer but can’t find the time? Find a company that lets you volunteer and work at the same time. Knowing how we, Filipinos, love to help, surely a socially responsible company will add up to your sense of fulfillment.


Malasakit is common among Filipinos. It is that deep care and compassion for those who need a helping hand. Encouraging your people to share their time and skills provides them with that sense of fulfillment which in turn, is reflected in the way their care for the company and for their colleagues,” says Peter Hayden, General Manager of Capital One Philippines.

Malasakit is not only limited to helping those who are in need but it is also rooted in your everyday life, in the way you care for your customers and your associates, like what we do in Capital One.”

If you’re looking to grow your career in a company, make sure you’re in it for the right reasons. If you’re still in search for one, try to tick off the items in this list and see if your first choice is the right one.

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What are you looking for on a great workplace?