5 Things I’ve Learned About Food Plating

Somehow, quarantine has managed to bring out the best in each one of us. And when Jadey Ezekiel Detera said, “Not a chef. Tambay lang”, he never realized that his hidden talent in plating food ala-Top Chef amazed and inspired so many people.

I am not a chef myself, but after seeing some people’s posts of well-plated dishes done and served in their own homes, I realized a few things.

5 Things I’ve Learned About Food Plating

5. It adds more value to a dining experience.

We have stocked up on canned goods, and what better way to consume them than to prepare and present them as if people are eating with their eyes? Mr. Detera made sure that his food looks as good as it tastes. The improved presentation of his canned tuna caldereta, for instance, adds more value to the dining experience.

Canned Tuna Caldereta, Top-Chef Style
Photo by Jadey Ezekiel Detera

Masterchef-inspired plating.

Photo by John Rey Callado

4. It unleashes a person’s creativity.

You might not realize how much creative juices you have flowing until your artistically transform a plate of your favorite pancit canton. Foodies straight off explore the possibilities of presenting common dishes in a simple but aesthetically appealing way.

Your ordinary instant pancit canton turned fancy.

Photo by Jadey Ezekiel Detera

3. The good vibes are contagious.

The good vibes that many people spread through their well-plated food is contagious! Happiness can really come from things like a well-presented dish, making people gush about the added value of a plate of tuyo or corned tuna, for instance.

Tuyo ala 5-star restaurant.

Photo by Jadey Ezekiel Detera

Food-plating idea for canned corned tuna.

Photo by John Rey Callado

2. There are different styles of food presentation out there.

Each food presentation style differs from one person to the next. As for my friend John Rey Callado who discovered his talent in food-plating during quarantine, his style is inspired by the contestants of Masterchef, by which he adjusts according to the availability of his materials. Faye Lirio, on the other hand, spruces up her dishes to make them more inviting to eat.

Pasta sardines, anyone?

Photo by Faye Lirio

1. They will inspire you.

The posts of Mr. Detera, John Rey, and Faye got the better of me, so I tried food plating myself. It was a challenging feat, but I decided to make it more intentional so that I’d be successful. The result? My four-year-old loved it, and she finished everything on her plate – fruits, veggies, and all. I’ll do better food plating next time; but thankfully, she adored the presentation, made a story out of it, and ate the food with gusto.

Mr. Peach

Sea of Potatoes.

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What are your thoughts on food plating? Have you tried doing it with your favorite dishes? Share your works with us!

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