5 Things I Love About Luela Luna Swimsuits

Luela Luna is a budding swimsuit line that caters to ladies who lead an active lifestyle. The first collection, ‘Cosmos’, is a refreshing display of elegant, sporty-glam style, attracting a completely fresh target market. It’s the brainchild of business partners and childhood friends Nina and Kai who both practice yoga religiously and spend their weekends under the sun either surfing or hiking amazing views.

It was a sunny afternoon coffee session when they had a light bulb moment and realized there had not been plenty of local brands that make quality swim/active wear. Creating a line that’s specifically tailored to cater to the lifestyle of adventurous Pinays and is proudly local had been a brilliant idea waiting to come to life.

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The best-selling suit, the Phoenix in white, has already made its way to Visayas and Mindanao and also, to my wardrobe.

Here are the 5 things I love about Luela Luna:


5. The sophistication

It’s super sophisticated. Also obtain the suits for the stylish cuts—a perfect blend of minimalist yet “hubadera” class.


4. It flatters your curves

With the good fabrics used and the quality production, Luela Luna swimsuits will hug your body in all the right ways thus flattering those curves you’ve been hiding.


3. Functionality and versatility

These swimsuits promise functionality and versatility at the same time. It’s appropriate even for physical activities. And what I love about Luela Luna is that you can style them with other clothing as well. It matches with everything! Just like how I did it in this photo above.


2. Design and quality

Each piece is made with fine workmanship and hand-selected quality material that surely breaks the wear and tear misconception of swimsuits throughout years of use. Their designs are uniquely aesthetically pleasing, too.


1. It’s always trendy

No matter if you’re just in for the tropical getaway or are up for some adventurous activities, the Luela Luna vibe will not only keep you comfortably covered but staying trendy, too.

No more dilemma on what swimsuit to bring. For more details you can check out Luela Luna here:

Luela Luna

Website: www.luelaluna.com
Facebook: facebook.com/luelalunaph
Instagram: @luelaluna
E-mail: luelaluna@gmail.com
Contact Number: +63915 718 6825