5 Simple Ways You Can Do to be Glamorous Inside and Out

Have you ever imagined yourself walking down the street, all eyes are on you, and you know you’re killing it? No, I’m not talking about being a supermodel or whatever. Just, feeling genuinely good. The feeling that, although you might still feel nervous, for the first time, you actually feel confident. You feel glamorous in your own skin.

Maybe that feeling doesn’t need to end, don’t you think?

Let’s list down some tips I learned during GlamCon MNL 2018 that you can do to feel glamorous all the time. After all, self-transformation takes time and effort!

5. Upgrade your skincare routine.

I started using products when I was 12. That’s when most people have their first pimple—I did. Of course, I wanted to treat it and clean my face thoroughly so it wouldn’t happen again. My basic skincare routine back then was just a cleanser, toner, and a pimple gel that stings so much. I kinda skipped the moisturizer and body lotion because it just took so much time.

At GlamCon MNL 2018, they highlighted some of the best brands to start with. Cosrx, Ciracle, iwhite, Naruko and a lot more. Skincare fanatics swarmed the booths and scored amazing deals during the event! I also couldn’t help buying some for myself.

So, basically, now that I’m older and capable of buying what I want, I managed to discover what skincare routine works for me. It looks pretty much like this:

  • Micellar Water
  • Facial Scrub
  • Gentle Cleanser
  • Serum
  • Tea Tree Oil for occasional breakouts
  • Rosehip Oil for blemish scars
  • Moisturizer (I’m using a tub of  St Ives, currently. The collagen type.)
  • Day and Night Cream
  • Face masks once a week

If you do it religiously, it makes a damn difference. You don’t really need a lot of products. You just need to find the perfect match for you and never skip a day.

4. Build your confidence and make friends.

I try to do this all the time, but sometimes shyness and anxiety take over. The keyword here though is “trying”. Since I’m in the media industry, I have to be really social and keep in touch with brands and influencers I meet along the way.

Listening to inspiring talks about women finding their own beauty is one of the things that eventually helped me become more confident and social (sometimes).

My favorite event speakers at GlamCon MNL were, of course, Danah and Stacy of Plump.ph, Abby Asistio, Venus Raj, Joyce Pring, Michelle Dy, and Kris Lumagui. These ladies are just the best!

3. When stressed, take a quick trip out of town.

I don’t really get stressed out when my work piles up. I’m a certified workaholic, but to balance that out, I always need a “ganap”. I need trips to somewhere. So, on days I have nothing to do, I usually scroll through travel websites and booking sites. My friends and I take the most spontaneous trip ever!

2. Make time and pamper yourself.

If a trip out of town won’t fit my schedule, a trip to the salon or hair supply store usually does the trick. I think it’s nice to have different looks from time to time.

This time, luckily, I didn’t have to go to the salon. GlamCon MNL brought the salon to the event! I barely had time to glam up before going to GlamCon so it was nice that they had this makeup area wherein attendees could change up their looks and look awesome for the day.

1. Learn to love yourself.

Finally, and most importantly, no matter how much change you want to achieve, loving yourself should always come first. If accepting your flaws and making changes makes you happy, do it. After all, one can love you the way you do.

GlamCon MNL 2018



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