5 reasons why this year’s Big Bad Wolf Book Sale will be even better than the last!

Words by Aira Mae Parado

“… but now that we have the extra data from Manila, and we know what exactly our customers like, we can tailor better. I believe customers will be happier this year,” says Ms. Jacqueline Ng, the Executive Director of the Big Bad Wolf Books.

What’s up, Wolfies?

Most of you probably haven’t finished all the books you bought from the last year’s sale yet buuut the Big Bad Wolf is here again! Celebrating its 10th year, the Big Bad Wolf will be bringing the world’s biggest book sale back to Manila!

A quick fact: The Philippines was the first country they held three events in a year. Apparently, this wolf loved our country so much so this year is going to be another shopping spree for us Filipino book lovers! 

How will this sale be different from the last year’s, though?

5 reasons why this year’s Big Bad Wolf Book Sale will be even better than the last

5. +24 significant hours!

The 2019 sale will be running for 11 days, starting from February 22 to March 4. From 231 hours last year, this sale is going to be up for the whole 255 hours! The fair opens at 9 am on the first day, and admission is, as always, free. Shop until you drop, Wolfies

4. Wilder discounts!

Books will be sold for 50-90% off! Imagine having to pay for a brand new copy of your favorite book for only 10% of its regular price… Happy 10th anniversary, Big Bad Wolf!

3. Titles “swak” to your preferences!

With two million books of twenty-thousand titles across different genres, the Big Bad Wolf makes sure that readers and friends do not leave the place empty-handed. Although in the past year, the books supplied were based on other countries’ data, this year, the wolf promises to cater what exactly it should when in Manila. It will be bringing in more children and young adult fiction, romance, science fiction, business, self-help, design, architecture, cooking, and activity books among others.

2. Little Hippo AR Books for kids!

Calling all mamas and papas of Manila! Magic books or Augmented Reality books which were first introduced in Cebu and Davao will now also be presented in Manila! Six types of books are sure to be there but more are coming. Find the greatest children’s classics such as The Little Red Riding Hood coming to life through AR! (heart eyes emoji) 

Ha, I’m not even a kid anymore, but I would love to be given this!

1. “Red Readerhood Programme”

Partnered with Gawad Kalinga, this program, which was first done in Cebu, will now also enable Manileños with big hearts to donate books to book-deprived communities. There will be certain areas for donations after your purchase. Further details will be posted by the Big Bad Wolf page. 

Better save up, and get your purses ready! Mark your calendars as this is the grandest book sale you would never want to miss. See you all on February 22 to March 4 at the World Trade Center!

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