5 Reasons Why Marriott Cafe’s Service is the Best

People love trying wonderful buffet restaurants when in Manila.  There are a plethora of great buffet restaurants in the Philippines with your favorite depending on your own personal food preferences.  

Without question, the Marriott Cafe at Newport City is top-notch with wonderful food offerings. However, what sets them apart at the top of the buffet tree is their EXCEPTIONAL customer service.

Having lived in Manila for 15 years and having been a hospitality teacher at Enderun Colleges and Director of Food and Beverage at InterContinental Manila and Edsa Shangri-La, I have tried all the great buffets and experienced outstanding service.  

I must say that the Marriott Cafe has taken great service to a new level and I want to share 5 Reasons the Marriott Cafe’s Service is the Best  as a guide for comparison with your favorite buffet.


5 Reasons Why Marriott Cafe’s Service is the Best


5. It All Starts With The Receptionists.



The reception desk is clean, and the ladies armed with beautiful smiles and great attitudes. The receptionists set the tone for a great dining experience for your family.


4. The Staff Introduces Themselves To You by Name.



Christus rocked. He personally introduced himself to us, so we knew we were in good hands. Christus was friendly, cool, attentive and professional. Christus also checked on us regularly and ensured we enjoyed our food, ambiance and service. Great job.


3. The Chefs Wanted To Serve and Delight Their Guests.



Chan Chan is a star. I love his friendly demeanor and the way he is alert and always looking for ways to delight his guests. We didn’t know there was a whole glorious seafood and meats cooked-to-order section through the narrow doors. Chan Chan directed us there and even arranged for some prawns and oysters to be cooked especially for us.




This is a great standard at the Marriott Cafe where the chefs love to use their fresh produce to create tasty dishes for you. All of the chefs exude a positive, friendly vibe.



The chefs made us a sensational Chili Prawn dish that was lovingly plated and cooked with passion. We loved it. 



I recommend you ask the chefs to create a unique Fresh Oyster Dish for you. We were presented with a fabulous Rockerfella Oysters that disappeared before I could take a picture. The shot above is of my own Oysters with Lemon Juice and Capers. So good.



Also great to try is the soup station where there are fresh and tasty offerings available.


2. Good Management That Wants to Help Their Staff and Customers.



The manager at the Marriott Cafe is Jun. He moved with purpose, smiled and showed that he wanted to be there. It is nice when the management sets a positive example for the rest of the staff to follow.

Thanks for arranging my Virgin Bloody Mary Jun; it was excellent. Cheers!




1. The Table is Set Properly and Cutlery Replenished As Needed.



If you are having a delicious buffet, you need the correct utensils with which to enjoy the great offerings. Too many buffets let themselves down by only having one set of cutlery out with which the guests then use for their whole meal.

The Marriott Cafe got it spot-on by having a double set knife and fork, chopsticks and other cutlery items we needed to best enjoy their delicious array of quality food.


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The Final Word




 With great food, attentive service and chefs going the extra mile to please their guests, the Marriott Cafe is the friendliest buffet in town. I highly recommend you visit this dedicated staff who will go out of their way to ensure you will return. Without question, we will be back.


Chad's family

 My other friends, like Juan Elizalde from The Wholesome Table, also enjoy the service and food at the Marriott Cafe.


Thanks to the great staff of the Marriott Cafe who made my daughter’s birthday memorable.



Marriott Manila


Reservations required.
Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner
Dress code: Smart Casual
Phone:  +63 2 9889990